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Need help adding mods and rcon setup on hosted server.

started by SpeedBirdNam
2 466 by SpeedBirdNam

Server Launch Error: No entry '.plateFormat'.

started by DOGZ
2 371 by DOGZ

Make an addon optional.

started by SpeedBirdNam
4 432 by AgentRev

Wasteland Antihack,

started by Matt76
1 575 by Matt76

Server Star ptoblem: steam AppId doesn't match expected value

started by CoachBR
2 1535 by nrz7

[GUIDE] How to setup BEC for notifications and auto restarts

started by CREAMPIE
25 16661 by Blue

Server Difficulty Settings!

started by Starworlds
1 530 by dekela

Variable for money

started by Mika Smith
0 299 by Mika Smith


started by julien
0 425 by julien

What matters for a good client fps?

started by biabock
0 314 by biabock

Server error: Player without identity

started by Ramm
0 314 by Ramm

iniDB to extDB

started by dekela
0 398 by dekela


started by BWDelta
3 720 by SiliconSentry

batch file help

started by dekela
1 446 by biabock

BEC Issues

started by Spackler
10 1619 by SpeedBirdNam

New to ArmA and need setup help

started by joveice
1 660 by joveice

Server not visible for alot of players

started by DustinSlane
5 684 by bolox

[solved] Disable antihack for playerIDs

started by ChrisFly_
19 952 by ChrisFly_

Rcon auto disconnect after a minute - BEC auto close

started by biabock
0 263 by biabock

extDB doesn't save between restarts

started by marhotiewer
23 1243 by marhotiewer