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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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What Better Parameter?

started by PAR4NA
0 757 by PAR4NA

Creating a custom wasteland.

started by Meownidas
5 1754 by Slowmotive

Change GUI the message of missions

started by PAR4NA
3 1186 by PAR4NA


started by Inspecteur Clouseau
1 752 by AgentRev

The server isnt using my settings

started by TaycoMan
2 1012 by CREAMPIE

Power utilisation

started by Victor_cross
0 603 by Victor_cross

Melee (invisible pistol)

started by Victor_cross
0 657 by Victor_cross

R3F Log 3.0 update?

started by KRDucky
0 541 by KRDucky

Donor/Subscriber Spawn Menu (Monetization)

started by Zer01
1 896 by mrnastytime

SteamAPI initialization failed. How To Fix?

started by PAR4NA
0 975 by PAR4NA

Respawn with gear

started by Soldat Ryan
7 2939 by Ezekiel 25:17

Why there is no persistent groups in A3Wasteland?

started by ARCHaim
1 932 by AgentRev

Ultimate Wasteland. Missions and Territory Capture don't start with server.

started by smiffy
0 649 by smiffy

shop items = faction and opfor/blufor see icons friendly?

started by shred
0 582 by shred

Player controlled AI driver?

started by Jermin
3 820 by GriffinZS

HI all australia map on a3wastland will be good

started by paulspchelp
7 1614 by Motavar

DEFCON for PvE servers

started by Gopher_nz
0 598 by Gopher_nz

Adding new base objects?

started by iSamiius
4 1095 by iSamiius

Enemy outpost with GMG instead

started by Gopher_nz
3 937 by GriffinZS

Unloaded Objects Disappear

started by Saugrim
1 709 by iSamiius