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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 6144 by AgentRev
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Add custom weapons to gun store

started by gobi42
7 3682 by gobi42


started by DirtyLiberal
11 1917 by AgentRev

map won't start

started by tonnic
3 890 by tonnic

Linux Auto Ban by Mission (TK)

started by bertie
1 725 by JoSchaap


started by Chifo
2 2211 by Chifo

How to enable thermal optics for military vehicles?

started by Jermin
3 1586 by Cael817

PBO manager unpack and pack issues

started by Detour
14 17852 by gobi42


started by Vanguard
7 1991 by Cael817

Building Loot spawning with A3W_buildingLoot = 0

started by Gigatek
4 1201 by Gigatek

Player Markers

started by DirtyLiberal
2 851 by AgentRev

Admin Panel not working ( To my knowledge)

started by Chifo
4 1496 by CREAMPIE

Money Hacks

started by Gigatek
12 4081 by Cael817

Re: Server wide announcements for use of the admin tool

started by DirtyLiberal
3 1385 by DirtyLiberal

A3Wastland items never timeout (despawn)

started by Gigatek
2 956 by Gigatek

BattlEye filters for static weapons

started by Gigatek
3 1097 by AgentRev

Server wide announcements for use of the admin tool

started by DirtyLiberal
2 1030 by AgentRev

Add gear to initial players load outs

started by Gigatek
1 1108 by Gigatek

Stamina messed up since 1.22

started by Gigatek
9 2182 by Gigatek

A3Wasteland_settings on LINUX server

started by clanrising
1 1180 by AgentRev

Loot doesn't spawn

started by Brock5992
0 607 by Brock5992