Battle eye problems: Advanced Urban Rappelling and Advanced Rappelling

Hi guys first time hosting an arma 3 server and battle eye is jerking me around rather hard.. From what I can tell the mod spawns an aa turret but after over a day of searching the only fix I can find (have tried putting exceptions for the mods themselves in the setvariables.txt) is to just delete all the battle eye files in that folder ... Obviously that's not ideal. Has anyone set this up on their server? if so is there any chance they could help me work out where to put an exception and the exact item that is being spawned.
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i don't use this as it has 'issues' sorry, but a good source of information on how to edit your BE filters can be found here

good luck
Any solutions ?

I have the same problem : Player #29 Danny has been kicked by BattlEye: CreateVehicle Restriction #1

02.01.2017 16:32:39: Danny  - #1 "B_static_AA_F" 134:13 [3314,9219,-5]
02.01.2017 16:55:41: Klaus Kornfeld  - #1 "B_static_AA_F" 162:45 [1914,3480,13]

A3Wasteland - createVehicle.txt

Code: [Select]
// A3Wasteland - createVehicle.txt BattlEye filters by AgentRev, JoSchaap, and k4n30

// Set everything to 1 if you are using Zeus

// Vehicles

5 "^[BOI]_(?!\d)((APC|Boat|Heli|MBT|MRAP|Plane|Quadbike|SDV|Truck|UAV_02|UGV)_|Lifeboat)"
5 "^[BOI]_(?!\d)([HG]MG|Mortar|static_A[AT])_" !"_(weapon|support)_" // Allows disassembly

// Ammo boxes

5 "^Box_"
5 "^[CBOI]G?_supplyCrate_"

// Civilian & guerilla stuff

5 "^C_" // Comment this line if you need to allow civilian units
// 5 "^C_((Boat|Hatchback|Heli|Offroad|Quadbike|SUV|Van)_|Rubberboat)" // Uncomment this line if line above is commented

5 "^[BOI]_G_" // Comment this line if you need to allow guerilla units
// 5 "^[BOI]_G_(Boat|Mortar|Offroad|Quadbike|Van)" // Uncomment this line if line above is commented

// Buildings & objects (128-char limit between quotes)

5 "^Land_" !"^Land_(BakedBeans|BarrelEmpty|BottlePlastic|Can(ister(Fuel|Oil))?|CashDesk|Ground_sheet|Money|Sleeping_bag|Suitcase|TentDome)_" !"^Land_(Rope)_" !"_(dam|ruins)_F$"

// Game logic (comment these if it causes problems with some addons)

5 "^Lightning"
5 "^Logic"
5 "^Module"

// VR entities (blue/red/green/purple ghosts)

5 "^[CBOI]_Soldier_VR_"
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if you follow the link i previously posted it will explain how to create BE filters.

for your issue you need to add the exception !"B_static_AA_F"

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It's a great addon, would really love to have it on our server. But, from what I've seen and heard it's a big risk due it couse problems. Does any one use it in A3W, if so, how did you make it work exactly?

Where and how, in BattlEye: CreateVehicle shall I put !"B_static_AA_F"... . ?

Please, share your knowlage.

Edit: I found/read this but still need help:

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Still getting kicked after changes to BE-filters and CfgRemoteExec_fnc.hpp

class AR_Client_Rappel_From_Heli { allowedTargets=0; };
class AR_Hint { allowedTargets=1; };
class AR_Hide_Object_Global { allowedTargets=2; };
class AR_Enable_Rappelling_Animation { allowedTargets=2; };
class AR_Rappel_From_Heli { allowedTargets=2; };
class AUR_Hint { allowedTargets=1; };
class AUR_Hide_Object_Global { allowedTargets=2; };
class AUR_Enable_Rappelling_Animation_Global { allowedTargets=2; };
class AUR_Play_Rappelling_Sounds_Global { allowedTargets=2; };

Any clue?