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you could do anything you want... Anything.

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I'll be honest, even if it makes me look like the bad guy.

1. Using custom bat files or exes is a huge security risk, and getting people to manually download them would be asking to much of the average player.

2. Even if you could get all the players to download some kind of custom bat/exe there would still need to be some kind of communication between Arma 3 Exe and the custom client exe. Since Arma 3 only allows extensions, no named pipes/sockets this would turn into quite a kludgy hack. Interprocess communication would already be ugly enough to solve a single problem like this as it is.

3. The mod approach maybe would work, but I have never built client side mods for Arma, so I can't say for sure what is possible. Unfortunately this still involves clients downloading a mod, which I think they would still be too lazy to do. Users are lazy and incompetent.

Realistic Solutions
The most ideal solution would be to allow client side mods to be pushed through the game automatically on connect to a server. This can only be accomplished by BIS.

Or a server side API method that allows one server to transfer a player to another server. This would obviously still involve a loading screen even if they did implement it. Still it can only be accomplished by BIS.

Post this suggestion to feedback.bistudio.com

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea and I've even thought of it myself but I don't really see it getting solved in A3 Wasteland forums.
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Re: Just An Idea

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I have to agree with Centrifugal 100%

Finding a way to do it with a mod would be the best way, however it's probably not possible with just a mod, contacting BIS about it would be, most likely, the final approach.
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Re: Just An Idea

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you guys are totally correct, I was not thinking either a bat or exe. As I had said in an earlier post, the script was just proof of concept. I know I cant build this as I don't know how to code. I was hoping that some bright coder that's part of the community would see some value in it and offer a few pointers on how it could be completed. BUT...

thanks anyway.