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« posted: Nov 16, 2016, 05:47 PM »
Formerly known as S3K Wasteland or Master Wasteland. We've been rolling with the name Ultimate Wasteland for about 2 years now. Originally founded by s3kshun61 in summer 2013, during Arma 3 beta but he handed off ownership to other admins including myself since then. To date we've had over 80,000 unique UIDs connect.

Six months ago the community forked from the old site due to disputes between myself and other admins. Short story is that I was paying all servers fees and they changed the donation recipient in Enjin without telling me. They pocketed over $400 before I noticed what was happening. Hence we are now located at http://www.ultimatewarfare.us. Our server rank reset due to a server move. The old community sites no longer exist, they collapsed after I left.

We currently run a modified version of A3 Wasteland 1.3.

Some of the custom content includes...

1. Hunting
Hunting, the ability to kill/skin rabbits for cash.

Since we increased cleanup on money. I added this to make it easier for new spawns to find some quick, small amounts of cash. I may limit the number of rabbits that can be harvested per spawn to prevent abuse.

I basically just copied/modified salvage script to work with rabbits.

2. Threat Levels
Threat Level System, assigns "High Threat", "Medium Threat", "Low Threat" on player HUD. Threat level is determined by the cumulative cost of a players gear, vehicle, vehicle contents and connected UAV. K/D ratio is not factored into threat level.

3. Bounties
Bounties System uses threat level for assigning bounties, instead of random selection now. Higher threat players are more likely to become bounty. Bounties run for 30 minutes, and a new one is assigned every 20 minutes. They can run concurrently.

When a player disconnects as bounty they come back as a "Coward Bounty". The only escape from bounty is through death. All of this is tracked in DB and persists after restart.

We also track group members that left the bounties group. This prevents people on Indie from leaving group and killing bounty. Once you been grouped with the bounty you can't kill him, or your entire team loses their money.

This system is efficient because it does not punish people for skill, does not punish new spawns, it specifically targets people using expensive OP equipment.

5. Oil Platforms
Oil Platforms on ocean, they are marked and capturable

Originally from KBG Altis Life, thanks to them for their files when they closed down.

6. Air Transport/Dropships
Players can use these stores to launch themselves and teammates to desired location on map in a Taru Transport Pod. 12 Occupants max.

I figured Taru Transport pods don't get used enough, or at all. So let's do something with them.

7. Quadbike Spawning
This has been in here for a long time. We allow players to spawn a quadbike by pressing 'Y' once per live. They despawn in 5 minutes.

8. New players start with 100k in ATM
I added a column in DB to track who's been paid out.

9. Toxis Gas Grenades
Thanks to Mokey at Fractured Wasteland for grenade script.

10. Latest version of R3F LOG merged

11. Permanent Bases
Anything locked down stays forever, unless damage or unlocked.

Admins will erase bases periodically if they block game content like stores, if they are disruptive to gameplay, ugly, etc... A good looking base usually will never get touched by an admin. There are enough trolls out there to dismantle bases.

12. No donator kits or perk systems
After the fork from old community we wiped donator kits due to them providing unfair advantage. Although we may allow some donators to make aesthetic changes only. This is still being reviewed.

Hope to see you all on our server soon!