Server Updates

Server Updates

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Server Updates

BRAND NEW updates on US #7:

- MLRS Sandstorms & Arty Tank prices have been LOWERED.
- Cap points now pay out MORE MONEY!!
- Bye-bye to those "marshmallow-shooter" spawn weapons! Everyone now spawns in, each and every spawn, NOT ONLY with $15,000 cash, but also with a small (Apex) automatic weapon. Sniper class spawns in with a starter-sniper rifle!
- New uniforms for OPFOR, BLUFOR & INDY factions.
- Vehicle-transport VTOL's (Blackfish & Y-32) have been added! Paradrop an APC on the enemy's position with the vehicle-transport Blackfish! Super-speed Navy Seal (Apex) RHIB boats also added!
- $10 million personal bank limit. Vehicle storage now available! Store up to three (3) vehics!
- We'll keep improving the server, so you can keep shreking n00bs! A3 Wasteland - Tanoa - Hostile Takeover!!
- Server IP:

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Server Updates

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