Edit Constructions?

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Edit Constructions?

« posted: Dec 13, 2016, 07:02 AM »
Hello I'm wondering how to Edit Structures in Arma 3 and place them in your Mission without players having to download a mod to enter the server?

I want to be able to put a large platform out on the sea and make it Hollow for being able to build a base inside of it and also be able to walk on the roof of it.

The only way I have been successful doing this is using A ton of the "Ghost Hotel Platform"as roof! (sins the Tall Concrete Walls don't let u walk on them when u flip them over".

 Now it's not looking that good to to see a whole platform made of "Ghost Hotel (Platform's)" when passing by with a Heli or so"

so i was thinking is there a way to Change the Scale of an item in the editor or cut of the pillars from an "Airstrip Platform" so u can use it as an roof for your platform leaving it Hollow inside?

or is there a way to change the texture to something like plain Concrete for the items im using.

The Canal Walls are useful as roof tho but the edges doesn't really look that great on it.

It feels like the A3 editor is too restricted on building materials..

And As i said in the start I want to be able to place them on my Server without players Needing to Download some extra Mod or Files except what's being downloaded when Connecting to the server! If Possible. otherwise i will have to work with whats in the Editor.

// I Wold Appreciate Any Help on this! Thanks
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Re: Edit Constructions?

« Reply #1 posted: Dec 14, 2016, 05:23 PM »
For most of the stuff you want to do, it will probably require client side mods.

Texturing of vehicles is easy enough to do if you look at A3 code. I suspect it would work the same for objects, although I'll be honest I have never tried.