[VL] Wasteland Tanoa - TaskForceRadio 0.9.12

[VL] Wasteland Tanoa - TaskForceRadio 0.9.12

« posted: Jan 21, 2017, 01:01 AM »
[VL] Wasteland Tanoa - TaskForceRadio 0.9.12
VoxelLoop Gaming: Arma 3 Wasteland with Task Force Radio

VoxelLoop Gaming has been hosting game servers since 2012, and our Arma 3 Wasteland server is the newest to our list.

After using Task Force Radio on other servers, I decided to see if there was a server running the Wasteland mission and the mod, after failing to find one that was updated, I decided to host my own.

Currently, the mission is hardly edited, however, I intend to edit it as I find out what people would like to see.
(Contact me via TeamSpeak 3)

Mods required to join:

CBA_A3 (workshop)

Task Force Radio 0.9.12 (manual install)

Make sure you install the TS3 plugin included in that zip file otherwise the mod will not work correctly!

If TaskForceRadio is correctly installed into TeamSpeak 3, your description should look like:

If you are having issues setting up TaskForceRadio please post below and I'll see what help I can provide. :)

Basic TaskForceRadio usage information can be found on the website for the mod.

Server information:
IP: vl1.voxelloop.co.uk
Port: 2302
TeamSpeak 3 IP: voice.voxelloop.co.uk

See you in-game!

Re: [VL] Wasteland Tanoa - TaskForceRadio 0.9.12

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This is an interesting topic. I ran a Wasteland server a while back with ACRE2 and ACE3. ACRE2 ran well and had those nifty features like scrambled channels and such. pretty cool idea. especially if you use it to replace ingame VOIP.