Changing Map

Changing Map

« posted: Apr 27, 2017, 02:13 PM »
Hi everyone.

Was looking to use wasteland on a different map I was interested in. Can someone give me a list of things that need to be changed to get it working.

I know waypoints and missions start points need to be changed etc.., but is there anything specific I need to look out for ?


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« Reply #1 posted: Apr 28, 2017, 08:35 PM »
after move the whole mission.sqm to the new map, almost(can't remember anything else) everything you will have to change is inside this folder:

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Yep once you change the map name for example .altis to .tanoa then open the Wasteland map you will need to move all the town and mission markers.

You best best is to do it in steps like I do:

1. Open your mission in Eden and then look for all the empty Town markers and move them over the towns.  What I do is create a just a marker and then move that marker around the map then adjust the size of that blank marker. This will give me the size I need to input in the mapconfig\towns.sqf. You will need to change the size and town name. Also move the empty town marker that is already in wasteland over the blank marker you created. Also use the X,Y,Z tool and press M while the empty town marker is selected because as you move these markers they will end up under the map so you want to grab your Z (Blue) and pull it up to ground level. Do this for all the markers BTW.

2. Then after this I move all my mission markers to where I want them to go.

3. Move and create new stores all over the map. Don't forget that the storeOwners.sqf was recently updated so we can move them AI in Eden. So look in the tutorials section and AgentRev updated this part:

Code: [Select]
storeOwnerConfig = compileFinal str

["GenStore1", -1, [], []],
["GenStore2", -1, [], []],
["GenStore3", -1, [], []],
["GenStore4", -1, [], []],
["GenStore5", -1, [], []],
["GenStore6", -1, [], []],
["GenStore7", -1, [], []],
["GenStore8", -1, [], []],

["GunStore1", -1, [], []],
["GunStore2", -1, [], []],
["GunStore3", -1, [], []],
["GunStore4", -1, [], []],
["GunStore5", -1, [], []],
["GunStore6", -1, [], []],
["GunStore7", -1, [], []],

// Buttons you can disable: "Land", "Armored", "Tanks", "Helicopters", "Boats", "Planes"
["VehStore1", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore2", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore3", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore4", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore5", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore6", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore7", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore8", -1, [], ["Boats"]],
["VehStore9", -1, [], ["Boats"]]


4. Don't forget you will need to update your territories!!

5. Update your way points for your missions in the Convoys directory...

Take your time because you don't want to rush it. Currently I am working on a Taunus Wasteland and will have it up and running by the end of next week.

Did I forget anything?

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« Reply #3 posted: Apr 30, 2017, 07:04 PM »
Hi Guys..

Thanks for replies.
I have actually got that far just by looking through the mission itself.
I have moved all the Territories renamed them, changed the sizes on a few, & added more.
Have relocated all the traders and placed them. around the map.
Moved and renamed the town names and spawn areas so they appear right when you re-spawn.
Relocated the missions and spawn vehicles and Heli's.
Created two new waypoints files for the land missions so now I have 2 land missions running.
I have increased the mission total to 8, seems to be running ok.

Trying to fix a few other things.

Will keep you all informed.

This could be another map that A3Wasteland could add to the list :):)


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« Reply #4 posted: Apr 30, 2017, 08:08 PM »
I have one question.

What is the story with enabling extdb2 ?

Is there an up-to-date guide. Files etc..


Figured this bit out..

Thanks anyway

Zeus again

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« Reply #5 posted: Apr 30, 2017, 09:23 PM »

extdb2 is now outdated if you are using 64bit executable on the server. extdb3 is the updated one for 64bit exe. Just go in this topic and read the posts, mainly from Matt who explains how to set it up.

Its not hard, its fairly simple actually.

The only thing I can tell you to look out for is while in Eden make sure you markers are above the map and not below it. As you move them they will sometimes go below the map so whenever you are in map mode, 2d view, you cannot tell if they are below the map. Other than that just make sure your stores are setup correctly...Its really that simple, just time consuming to convert the maps.

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« Reply #6 posted: Apr 30, 2017, 11:35 PM »
Also with the extDB3 you need to run with -serverMod parameter. So you would copy the @extDB3 to the mod directory or the root folder of your arma 3 server directory. Then in the parameters just add -serverMod=@extDB3...

Read the README that comes with extDB3 and it will tell you exactly how to setup it up. If you need help just PM and I can help you. Its fairly simple, just don't do what I was originally trying to do and that was import the a3wasteland.ini to setup your sql DB. I will won't let myself for trying to do that. This is why I tell people to take your time, set everything one step at a time, don't try to more than one that at once. So work on moving your missions then work on something else, don't move your mission markers than get side tracked by moving lets say a Store AI...Just work on one thing at a time.

I just started working on converting Taunus to Wasteland about 4 days ago and I am almost completed. The only things I have to do is just finish moving all my stores where I want, setup all the mission way points and add any territories I want to setup. With the territories I am going to let this be up to our group where we want them placed. To be honest I wish we could set them up dynamically so whenever the server restarts they will appear in different places. Hmmm maybe this can done...

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« Reply #7 posted: May 01, 2017, 01:57 PM »
Hi Thanks for the advice.

I have seen the extdb3 files etc.. I have finished setting up the capture points and the spawns etc..

Have tested the map and all appears real cool.Main missions are spawning in two places which is good. Other missions appear in good places too.

The map is Sahrini as I wanted something different and this map looks nice.

I do see an issue with saving vehicles. Sometimes if you take ownership, and server restarts. The vehicle is gone. Maybe that is the extdb2 issue that needs to be updated, building parts and private storage appear to work. But vehicles are random.

I also see an error in the RPT saying that car parking requires extdb so is disabled. Will look at extdb3 and test all this again.


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« Reply #8 posted: May 01, 2017, 02:08 PM »
BTW if you are using two + maps with the same SQL DB in the A3Wastelandsettngs file or the default_config.sqf I would change the mapID to something different if I were you. So if you already have one map running A3W and want to run another map on same schema use a different mapID such as 2 and so on for each map after...

Look in your report to see if your "extDB is loading..." We never had any issues of taking ownership of vehicles and them not saving, so make sure extDB is loading...If not then "Houston we have a problem"...

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Hi WhatUpDoc.
Thanks for that.
I only have one map running so that should be ok. extdb is running as other items are saving to the database all ok. Build parts , player info etc.. also says started in RPT.

Will update it to extdb3 see what happens. Wanted to run the x64 version anyway.


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« Reply #10 posted: May 01, 2017, 09:29 PM »
Ok Everyone,

Got it working on 32 bit and 64 too.

It works better on the 64bit as the Parking also starts up. But its all working great. Missions, Spawns, capture points, traders, etc...
Working real good with the extdb3. Thanks for the advice WhatsUpDoc.

Sahrini is cool

Thanks for the help.


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« Reply #11 posted: May 02, 2017, 06:46 PM »
You may get some errors on your report with hitpoints and or the like but that is a game error not A3W so you will know.

Great that it works and yes the 64bit version actually run really well, more than I expected...