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Hello all, recently I have noticed on our Altis Wasteland server a certain amount of players who enjoy an artificial lag to take advantage over their opponent, the cheating is to install an on / off button on their network cable resulting in a delay of 3 to 5 seconds, in this delay, they can kill you without you noticing, I look for a way to inhibit this type of conduct, I count on the help of you who are more experienced in A3 Wasteland.
I have already been told that one solution would be the kick by maxdesync and low bandwidth, but I do not know how to set it up.
Thank you very much in case anyone knows the solution to this problem, as I already know that some Wasteland servers have succeeded in banning this kind of attitude resulting in a cleaner game for everyone.

Video demo that I found on the internet:

The problem with kicking for high desync is players cap over it all the time naturally.

We just trained our admins on the signs and ban once evidence presents itself. It cuts down on repeat offenders.

Use infistar and it's anti-lagswitch addon. It disables user input if lag detected. And its waaaaaaaaaay more common than you think. Every 5th player is lagswitching.

Hello night
Thanks for helping, we have Infistar on our server, I just do not know where I set up that addon that said, if you can explain me better thank you.

PM sent.


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