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[Question] Try to set up Rcon :(


Hey because i messd up my last server i started with a complet new one and tried to set up Rcon but it dosnt work again #CRY so i made screenshots from everything i have done to set up rcon, so you can follow my actions and maybe find the mistake :(

it is a arma 3 malden server, should be fresh.

i navigatet to config file ( )
in the config file i changed the passowrt for rcon to 1234 ( )
than i went to battleye folder and made there a beserver.cfg ( )
and than i wrot inside the beserver file password and port for rcon and safed ( )

than i startet rcon entered everything and watched "could not connect" and startet to cry ( ) and ( )

someone got an idea what cases the problem :( i have no clue :(  SOS pls help :(


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