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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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What's better extDB or profile

started by Rottenglory
2 2533 by Rottenglory

Ban Appeal

started by Demonition
1 2253 by GriffinZS

Basebuild in v1.3b?

started by bodybag
2 2944 by bodybag

Player Icons, Holstering, Eject, and magic parachute

started by Pr3at0rian
3 3827 by dekela

Malden Free DLC and A3Wasteland

started by Webman97
0 1897 by Webman97

Got two questions

started by Father Michael
8 4294 by GriffinZS

Mark Owned Stuff on Map

started by bodybag
3 2918 by eldrich

rogue civilians / insignia faction / same side faction group shot at each other

started by Vapr0
3 2774 by GriffinZS

On the struggle buss: Cant find the Stratis v1.2 pbo

started by Morgue2903
7 3813 by Morgue2903

Two suggestions regarding game balance

started by Jermin
2 2754 by soulkobk


started by GriffinZS
3 3103 by GriffinZS

Players performing fastrevive with mouse macros? We can prevent that ?

started by nntp
1 2409 by soulkobk

Please help

started by Ltc-Bullet
3 2694 by Ltc-Bullet

"Teamkill" punishment for roadkills

started by GriffinZS
0 2096 by GriffinZS

random fail

started by GriffinZS
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Mines at ATMs

started by Simonster3
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NPC init line

started by GriffinZS
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BIS_fnc_selectRandom @ Mission

started by GriffinZS
9 4808 by GriffinZS

UAV Connection

started by GriffinZS
6 4014 by GriffinZS

How do I change the territory system to the Flag's system?

started by Silvernotex
0 2191 by Silvernotex