Radar sensitivity + Static radar →radar problem

Radar sensitivity + Static radar →radar problem

« posted: Dec 21, 2019, 12:41 AM »

Is there any script how to increase radar sensitivity?
I want to have some vehicles (or static radar) to eb able to find AR-2 darter and other small drones far away (2km)
now with defauklt arma setting its imposible to see.

Any help?


When i buy a static SAM radar (O_Radar_System_02_F/B_Radar_System_01_F) and operate it myself  radar works fine. but when i get out of control, radal will move to default position and switch radar off, even when i turn off automatic mode, still it turns radar off.

In EDEN you can set emission control 0/1/2 (setVehicleRadar)  but when i add code to vehicleloadouts.sqf and add it to _customCode it still doesnt work.

is here someone who have fixed that?