Wasteland Tax bank account

Wasteland Tax bank account

« posted: Feb 09, 2020, 10:58 AM »
Wasteland tax bank account how this would work in the game?

(I don't know if this idea can be used and how to implement it.)

How to get it?
1.  If a player transfers money to another player
2.  If a player were to bounty a reward for killing another player.
3.  The player can also put the tax in the bank account.

How to get the money out of there.
1. tax Hacker -mission or bank robbery- mission

How it should appear to players
The total amount somewhere in the player menu or
where you see the server restarting time. (WTAX = X) | 2:20

Re: Wasteland Tax bank account

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What will it get? Add bank account