Removing side

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Removing side

« posted: Jan 02, 2021, 09:22 PM »

I have a question. I tried removing the whole code in the mission.sqm for EAST (OPFOR) faction, but after I do that, the whole mission .pbo file becomes corrupted (I probably just fuck something along the way) and I'm just looking if there is any other way to disable one side (I only want BLUEFOR and INDIPENDEND).

I went trough every file in the mission, but could not find any options. Could someone give me directions or ease deleting a part of the code the only way.

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I'm attaching my mission .pbo file if someone wants to take a look.

Re: Removing side

« Reply #1 posted: Jan 10, 2021, 10:12 PM »
Once we had a similar setup, only 2 factions.
And yeah, guess u fucked up sth. When trying to load your mission in Eden, it says one } is missing. Didn't want to look for other mistakes, so I downloaded the original pbo.

Unpack your pbo, so u have the folder. Copy this folder to directory documents/arma3 other profiles/your name/mpmissions.
Then open your Editor and load this mission.

On one little island in the south you should see this:
Removing side

Delete all red (OPFOR) markers. But take care, don't delete the save zone marker! When done, it should look like this:
Removing side

Save your mission and repack to pbo, upload and have fun.