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I don't quite understand. Were hosting this server. The reason for the kick it is giving us is this:

Value Restriction #2 "BIS_fnc_objectVar_obj2_3788" = B Alpha 1-3:1 (PsychoAnalysis) REMOTE

 Value Restriction #2 "PVAHR_1y1q4y3i9m2c" = <NULL-object>

Battleye: PublicVariable Value Restriction #2

We found a way around that code, and now are getting kicked by Value Restriction #2 "PVAHR_1y1q4y3i9m2c" = <NULL-object> and this one also
Value Restriction #2 "BIS_fnc_objectVar_obj2_3788" = B Alpha 1-3:1 (Player) REMOTE

We've got the server setup and A3Wasteland added and working, but whenever we get past the select a team screen to finish the joining process were getting kicked for Battleye Public Variable Restriction #214. When we look into the reason why it's kicking us it's saying 

#214 "BIS_fnc_MP_packet" = [0,[[O Alpha 1-3:1 (Player) REMOTE,true],"initPlayerServer.sqf"],"bis_fnc_execvm",false,false,false]

We've tried setting them to True and False but we cannot get it let us into the server. We've also tried Google and pretty much everywhere and can't find any info on this. If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. We want to branch out, already have an Epoch server, we now want a Wasteland one as well.

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