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Old school Chernarus wasteland!

We have reached the final stage of development. Now we need your help to stress test, find errors and most importnantly - make suggestions on the server.

We re-launched last year aswell and the server population got up to 80 players in the evenings! This time we have made a lot of improvements so excpect us to last longer this time. :)

The open beta test starts TONIGHT, September 19 at 5 PM CET or 18:00 MSK.

The server itself launches *soon*. We can't promise an exact date yet.

More info on our Discord :

Also check out our Steam group:


*September 2021: We are relaunching TcF. More info on Discord:*

Hey, I would like to let you know that an old ARMA 2 server is making a comeback on ARMA 3.

Some of you may even recognize it!

Server status: offline

Game: ARMA 3

Name: [TCF] Wasteland Chenarus v2.0 | CUP | Base | Money system

IP address:

Server location: Germany (Good ping in USA and RU)

Map: Chernarus

Version: v2.0

Server status:

EDIT: Join our community on Discord:

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