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Just got Banned for alleged TK+Mission Steal

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Hello dear A3 Community & CCG Admins,
I was just banned from your server today 22th Nov. 2018 at 14:14 for alleged TK+ Mission steal wich is NOT correct.

i was clearing AI of a Abandoned Jet mission with my varsuk on Malden when that player Aerson Pidar parachuted in. he was waiting behind rocks in cover for me to clear the mission. after i finished the mission he ran towards the wipeout i just cleared to grab it.

i want to clearify that he did NOt attack the mission first he also was in no group with me and i had nothing to do with him.

youve just banned me with no evidence so far prooving me to steal his mission . all ive commited wrong was a TK to defend my earned loots.

its pretty sad to see you making such hard actions just out of some individuals claim.

i dont recommend anyone playing on your servers since hard time invested into can get so easily wiped.

shame on you to abuse your admin Powers and responsibilities

Lesson to be learned: Don't TK other players!

TBH, I would of (temp) banned you too.

You have:

* Your word
* His word
* The server logs
And you know what I trust. The server logs. And you know what shows up on the logs, TKs.

If something like that happens, record it and report it or just let him take some of the money. You can always play on independent and not have to TK other players when your doing solo missions.

He teamkilled a teammate to steal expensive loot which is clearly against our rules and got banned for a week.


Here is the link that the player has sent us for the incident. You can clearly see that he did kill a teammate to take the reward.

Also he is wrong on the server. It is for Combat Gaming Club.


Is absolutely necessary


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