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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Normal Topics

Rules board??

started by Rottenglory
1 223 by GriffinZS

How to add extra stores?

started by SUM BAKED KID
1 252 by AgentRev

Disable magic parachute?

started by bodybag
3 472 by bodybag

Custom Main/Side/Money Missions

started by SUM BAKED KID
2 328 by SUM BAKED KID

Need help editing mission

started by Thomas
0 211 by Thomas

How to transfer money to the player via the admin panel?

started by Thomas
1 267 by Matt76

adding items to trader list

started by jacktowers97
2 258 by jacktowers97

How to make a donation system?

started by Thomas
0 228 by Thomas

changing what highadmins can do in admin menu....

started by Rottenglory
1 212 by Matt76

height of spawn

started by xipetotec
18 2986 by WhatsUpDoc


started by kordie1
6 570 by GriffinZS

Remove Default Status Bar

started by KrizFrost
1 329 by GriffinZS

The name of the store on the map

started by sanches
4 396 by WhatsUpDoc

Group Bug and Missing Loot

started by thiagotnn
0 190 by thiagotnn

store AI

started by WhatsUpDoc
2 335 by dekela

addMPEventHandler to addEventHandler

started by dekela
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need a little error correcting help please

started by ronsrace
1 273 by soulkobk

How does the start mission and way pointing work

started by WastelandZ.uk
4 739 by WhatsUpDoc

Custom Uniform Textures for Admins, moderators and Donators

started by Firstyminator
7 952 by soulkobk

Restrict Group Sizes

started by MeanY
12 1767 by Mokey