What's the difference: Client Side Addons Vs Server Side Addons?

Hey guys,

Hope you guys had some wonderful holidays.

This is the time where i would rip my hair out over this topic, hope you guys can help.

I chose to go with A3wasteland and learned a lot of stuff during the holidays on this forum but the thing that confuses me is that we have an addons folder in the a3wastland.altis.pbo file and you have an addons folder in the root of your arma server and then some where you have to enter -mod=@cba_a3; and put that folder "@CBA_A3 in the root of your server.

Here are my questions.

1. How do you know where the addons go?

2. How do you know when it's a client side addon or a server addon?

3.Can you implement the addons where the client/player doesn't have to go download it seperately and have more functionalities to the game like put it in the *.pbo file /addons folder

4.Would it be nice to have Step by Step Guide for every topic out there (the main ones only) ex. Server setup, Database setup, Addons setup so we don't have to search everytime for everything and try to piece everything up from 5 or 6 forum postings. this community is very helpful and i am very grateful for all your help but if we can work together to make this all easier on all ourselves wouldn't this be so awesome.

Here is an example of what i want to do but don't want the client to have to download the addon on their computer... i want to incorporate this addon in the actual mission file.