[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

« posted: Aug 31, 2017, 08:35 AM »
Hello everyone,
I am Isaac Harding, and welcome to Isaac Harding Servers.  This is just my first server for now, I hope as I get this server populated and as my community grows that world wide I can open up 12 to 20 different ArmA 3 servers world wide varying from 60 up to possibly 120 slot servers depending what map and mode it will be.  I will be opening this Stratis server 09/01/17, at 12 PM this Friday.  I would like to invite everyone to come check out my server that I put quite a bit of thought and time into getting working.

I am making this server first person only because third person is straight up cheating.  Please consider watching this YouTube video explaining why third person removes from your overall ArmA 3 experience.


Any thoughts or feed back I will much appreciate it.  But here are some pictures of the map layout.  In my server I have put down two aircraft carriers along with a Walmart store that allows up to four places to get planes from.  To me this is very important for map and PvP balance.  This allows for more dynamic combat that is not all focused around 1 or 2 places, where as on my server you have up to four places to get the best air support online for your team mates.  There is a total of 5 Gun Stores, 3 General Stores, 3 Vehicle Stores and 1 Walmart in the center of map that allows for all three stores in 1 store.

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

As you can also see I put the Kamino Firing Range Gun Store on the North-East light-house Island.  This should help incentivize people going to and capturing or fighting over that Island, I also made it near impossible to shoot into the huge gun store opening to the front of the store from a far distance and made it more CQC friendly. 

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

I also made this CQC ArenA that you can only get onto as a person on foot, you can also access it from under neath it from the Sea.  You can still drop a tank or vehicle in, but its pointless because its so tightly packed with buildings you will not be able to move almost anywhere.  Being that this is a FP only server you will be on your toes the whole time.

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

Another note is all Vehicle stores aside from the Walmart vehicle store you can buy all vehicle types from.
About Walmart, you can use all three stores all from 1 NPC in game, without any issues spawning anything from Walmart, it took me forever to find this coding fix to make everything spawn within 1 store.
Walmart is inside a bunker thus preventing motors or other bombs doing damage to players based on my testing of how much I could throw at the bunker before a player died.

[IHS] Wasteland Stratis | First Person Only

Another feature of my server is that there is a AFK timer, you cannot go AFK for more than 15 minutes.

Also because of the changes to the hand held AA launchers I put a ceiling limit on my server of 1500 meters so that it helps balances things out with the overpowered nature of the jets on stratis and any map for that matter.

All thermals are removed from vehicles.  The only way to get thermal vision gear and sights is from completing PvE missions that drop reward boxes.  So like road blocks, town invasions, sunken missions and enemy outposts.


Connection info:
Discord: https://discord.gg/rxRWvQs