Fractured Wasteland 2.0

Fractured Wasteland 2.0

« posted: Aug 31, 2017, 07:21 PM »
Hello everyone!

Most of you know who we are, but it’s been a while since we’ve posted…

We are The Fractured Gaming Community!

Currently we’re continuing to host our tried and true Stratis Wasteland Server, customized to our standards of a fun, welcoming veteran Wasteland.

Some of our feature include:

-Variable mission spawns
-Advanced difficulty AI
-Toxic Grenades
-Custom Vehicle Loadouts
-Fully Integrated/Monitored Gear Leveling System
-Public Ban Archive/Appeal System (Forum Based)
-Custom Events

We currently have a Tiered Administration Team to deal with any issues/infractions of our rules which could occur on our server’s and services.

Our rules can be found here:

As well as an active development team dedicated to ongoing changes and updates to our server(s). With a suggestion forum in place to give our players a chance to have their own impact with changes!

If you would like to know more of our history, our old Server post is here:

Feel free to drop by anytime and say hi! Just make sure to follow the rules while you’re here