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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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Ambient Civs/Roaming AI

started by samson
3 298 by BhangBR

Wasteland Stratis 1.4 for Utes - Portability issues

started by BhangBR
4 220 by BhangBR

Separate virtual arsenal contents for each player?

started by night
0 207 by night

Wasteland Admins

started by mcgee
1 212 by mcgee

Adding extdb3 trade logs

started by night
5 222 by AgentRev

How to spawn purchased vehicles on a building part?

started by night
3 185 by night

Disable respawn system

started by MegatroNBRi
4 290 by MegatroNBRi

[FIXED] "Not enough space for" notification

started by techladdie
1 282 by techladdie

BoS Base Locker addon

started by Mr. Groove
3 441 by Matt76

Hi i'm for a script

started by Jmichang
1 339 by neoanonymous

[Mission] _waitUntilSuccessCondition help

started by Spectryx
18 2757 by homer666

New Eden Features

started by Matt76
2 377 by ShineDwarf

Creating Capture zones for Multiplayer

started by AkDan2000
3 549 by neoanonymous

Show emblems on cars and uniforms

started by .Lord
0 264 by .Lord

Disable repair menu option?

started by KRDucky
1 334 by BIB_Monkey

Quadcopter UAV Limit

started by ShineDwarf
0 267 by ShineDwarf

Gun Store only shows a couple weapons

started by KRDucky
13 858 by KRDucky

Seeking Knowledge

started by CSG-Preacher
6 651 by eldrich

Script to limit stores based on RANK?

started by KRDucky
0 270 by KRDucky

Custom Side/Main Mission ideas

started by samson
5 652 by EntraVenuS