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Battle Eye Concern

started by Mokey
4 1674 by 40-1 STU

BE filters

started by bolox
5 1394 by Mokey

Server population

started by n19alex
4 1479 by n19alex

Server restart times

started by LouD
1 1098 by pippen

Altis life help needed

started by n19alex
6 2131 by AgentRev

People disconnecting immediately

started by speedweasel
4 1715 by AgentRev


started by n19alex
8 3220 by Ganja


started by LouD
5 1940 by AgentRev

Player butthurt and accusations of cheating

started by speedweasel
8 3271 by SNAKE EYES

Performance Binaries

started by ch4rlys
20 6781 by CREAMPIE

Changing server to Veteran mode, kill feed no longer shows

started by Tokae
3 1824 by Tokae

server tuning help

started by matias
10 4653 by CREAMPIE

Attempting to use Wasteland for small group.

started by ARS_Brian
2 1288 by Shinbotz

Server hardware ~ performance discussion

started by LouD
3 2452 by LouD

manypeople kicked by battleye:client not responding

started by Carlos
1 1179 by ForTheMasses

dedicated server

started by shoresy
1 1541 by LouD

Nothing is Saving

started by Rustypredator
10 3540 by Rustypredator