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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 6695 by AgentRev
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Allowing players to spawn with a limited selection of weapons.

started by Harvoc
5 1934 by Macauley

player rank

started by shadylurker
0 725 by shadylurker

Team Balancing Issue

started by prostacker
4 1409 by KRDucky

Is it possible to build a base off the coast?

started by Jermin
16 4575 by AgentRev

mission ideas

started by 40-1 STU
1 906 by LouD

Suggestion: Mercenaries

started by StpoK
6 1903 by gtoddc (Timberwolf)

Adding a nuclear bomb

started by vital1221
2 1123 by Motavar

Aircraft functions

started by Inspecteur Clouseau
2 944 by AgentRev

Banned For No Reason???

started by Reaper2
3 1264 by Cael817

Extra Missions Idea...

started by Morgue2903
1 973 by osu_apoc


started by bolox
0 747 by bolox

Question: Block objects locking around stores

started by WeGotRules
4 1210 by WeGotRules

FPS increase with 1.44 release?

started by speedweasel
6 1475 by [Tacx] Quadrono

I was banned for no reason?

started by Itz_Uzi
2 1014 by Pinkbinge

radar tweaks

started by Inspecteur Clouseau
5 1655 by LouD

Some questions regarding mission customization

started by Jermin
6 3102 by CarlWinslow

Admin Tools

started by Bobo
6 2409 by CampRogain

All vehicles avalible at store

started by bodybag
2 1223 by Ganwinky

Forum Feature - Spoiler Tag?

started by osu_apoc
1 1043 by defused

Loading objects in vehicles

started by Inspecteur Clouseau
3 1289 by gtoddc (Timberwolf)