How to add new missions in the server?

How to add new missions in the server?

« posted: Apr 12, 2017, 02:54 AM »

I need a little help, how to add new missions in the server like sniper nest and geocache?
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Re: How to add new missions in the server?

« Reply #1 posted: Apr 13, 2017, 03:21 PM »
It can be difficult to achieve without going in to an in depth step-by-step explanation, especially if you have absolutely no idea about arma code structure or the a3wasteland code structure.

My suggestion is look for add on scripts, and read the header or installation instructions, if they lack them, then check out other gaming crews mission file and see how its done.

Another way would be to check out my roadBlocks mission, which is based off of how outPosts function. Grab the files, read and follow the instructions and you should be on your way to learning how to implement the other missions (sniper nest, geocache, etc) in the same or similar way.

Everyone learns in different ways and at different levels, but give it a shot, you may surprise yourself... and learn in the process. :)


Re: How to add new missions in the server?

« Reply #2 posted: May 18, 2017, 03:18 AM »
Everything you need is in the server/missions directory. Those are the only files that need to be edited.

JoSchaap, AgentRev, LouD created mission_Sniper.sqf created a sniper's nest like your talking about. So if you don't have that mission in your server/missions directory here is what you need to do to add it.

1. Get a copy of the mission file called mission_Sniper.sqf.

2. I would place it inside the server/missions/sideMissions directory.

3. Then you need to edit the setupMissionArrays.sqf located in the server/missions directory. The name of the sqf is called mission_Sniper so this is what you need to add for example to setupMissionArrays. So in setupMissionArrays.sqf and add ["mission_Sniper", 0.5], to the setupMissionArray inside the SideMissions = [
4. To understand things the 0.5 is the weight of the mission spawn which basically the less weight you give the less the server will spawn this mission. The range is from 0.0-1.

5. Now in my setupMissionArrays.sqf we have some extra code like this:

Code: [Select]
MissionSpawnMarkers = [];
SunkenMissionMarkers = [];
RoadblockMissionMarkers =[];
SniperMissionMarkers =[];
switch (true) do
case (["Mission_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
MissionSpawnMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["SunkenMission_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
SunkenMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["RoadBlock_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
RoadblockMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];
case (["Sniper_", _x] call fn_startsWith):
SniperMissionMarkers pushBack [_x, false];

This is for the NAME of the variable you give the empty markers you place in Eden. So for example for the sniper mission it reads Sniper_ so any mission marker that starts with Sniper_ will be used. So you need to name your markers like this, Sniper_1, Sniper_2, Sniper_3 because you cannot have two markers with the same variable name as Eden will not allow you. Inside the mission file for example mission_Sniper.sqf, the marker name variable is being used like this:

Code: [Select]
_locationsArray = SniperMissionMarkers; which is on line 15 of mission_Sniper.sqf. What this is doing is telling Arma 3 to call an empty Sniper_x marker you created in Eden that you placed on the map. To do it correctly make sure you place a lot of empty Sniper_ markers on the map and give them a color. I cannot remember the color our's are but I think any color will be fine.

Its really that simple to add new missions to A3W. Myself I am going to start creating custom missions as I have some ideas for a few missions. All you need to do is learn what others did by looking at all the missions that are inside the mission's directory. Also there are servers that use a lot more missions than what AgentRev releases as AgentRev gave us a starting point so its up to us to create more. A lot of people just want to play the game instead of editing. Myself I haven't played Arma 3 in over a month as I have been editing the whole times off and on. I do this because I am medically retired Information Systems Specialists and since my retirement back in 2012 I have forgotten a lot of stuff and well if you don't keep that part of your brain trained you will lose just about everything.

Soulkobk also has his tutorial and if you follow it then you cannot go wrong. I just read his tutorial and it pretty much sums up everything I just said, WOW...

Its really not hard trust me. If I can do it anybody can.
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Re: How to add new missions in the server?

« Reply #3 posted: May 18, 2017, 05:14 AM »
Doc Don't forget to mention sniperGroup.sqf in create units
Code: [Select]
createsniperGroup = [_path, "createUnits\sniperGroup.sqf"] call mf_compile; in serverCompile.sqf

Also here is this: