Were Back! Rumble Gaming Wasteland.

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Were Back! Rumble Gaming Wasteland.

« posted: Jan 14, 2018, 09:22 PM »
Were Back!

After months of careful thinking and talking we decided to relaunch our stratis wasteland server!

We are bringing this back along side another project (This one is still under works). We would love for you all to jump on and play a little and bring back the good old vibes of wasteland on the sooo much loved stratis map.

We have a strong team of admins and support members who are always happy to help you with every need, Whether it be a in game issue or a problem your having outside of gaming. Our staff will be more than happy to sit with you and assist in all ways possible.

Rumblegaming.co.uk Why not take 2 minutes and sign up to our forums?

Our server has the following features:

$25000 Start
Custom Store Pricing
Base Building
Vehicle and Base part locking
Custom Missions
Vehicle Thermals Enabled
Custom Vehicle Skins (Adding more as we go!)
4 Hour Restarts to keep things fresh and running smooth
24/7 Up time (Except for restarts)

And more...

Come and join us today.