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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
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AgentRev team abandoned the forum and mod?

started by .Lord
5 2582 by JoSchaap

Time to lock in blufor and opfor

started by .Lord
3 1864 by .Lord

Wasteland Netcode Broken from Update?

started by chowchow
1 1626 by Saharat90s

A3Wasteland Altis

started by CaptainDick
0 426 by CaptainDick

Restricted airspace for drones

started by .Lord
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Only Third Person in Spawn

started by .Lord
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Team kill to only being able to be on independant?

started by tubbierwhistle4
3 3183 by Souza

Hello Again

started by stonie01333
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Contact DLC

started by AgentRev
16 11328 by HpGamer

It's getting ugly out there, is this signs of the tide rolling out

started by TheChosenOne
3 1898 by Sp4wN7

looking for server devs

started by Gen
2 2078 by Father Michael

Hey Guys, I am making a new wasteland server and wanted to come here for ideas

started by neoanonymous
6 2417 by h0rn3t360

Custom path to -mod parameters

started by magikbzh
3 1959 by GMG_Monkey

Headshot no revive

started by CeccaTTo
2 1991 by Lasasdas

Disable Mission

started by Souza
4 3203 by Jonesen

Player factions

started by Victor_cross
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Cold War Germany DLC

started by AgentRev
7 3565 by Father Michael

Contact agentrev

started by tonyonline
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64 bit and wastelands ?

started by EntraVenuS
135 45508 by hamyamys

Tanks DLC

started by AgentRev
17 7770 by night