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« posted: Oct 04, 2021, 04:28 PM »
Never have I posted on a forum with such a low character count for posts.. I cant type more than 1 paragraph and posting in code also counts towards the limit. /Clap guys

I want to release the complete version of A3 Wasteland: S.O.G Prairie Fire but with the forum limits on characters for posts I can't post it here.

Can a mod please increase my character limit to like 15000 (Its a huge release with lots of notes etc) or increase the whole forums character limit maybe?

FUck it, ill release it on https://community.sogpf.com/forum.php instead sometime today

UPDATE: The link below will take you to the official sogpf forum which contains my post with ALL the information regarding my release (They let me post with no character limit  :) )
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« Reply #1 posted: Oct 22, 2021, 06:59 AM »
That's pretty cool, however I'm not sure if you're gonna find enough people to maintain a decent server population. Only a small fraction of the Arma playerbase buys Creator DLCs, and even vanilla servers have trouble retaining players, aside from the few popular servers.

Nonetheless, I will answer your questions:

How do I set a mission to only run between certain hrs? (I need the tunnel rat mission to only run at night which will force players to use flashlights when down in the tunnels)

Requires manual edits to server\missions\missionController.sqf

Is it possible to set overcast/rain for day time only? (At night it makes it too dark)

Requires manual edits to addons\scripts\DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf. You can reduce overcast by lowering the _maximumOvercast value. Rain is disabled by default due to buggy Arma weather syncing.

Is it possible to disable grenades and other throwables when players are inside a tunnel for the Tunnel Rat missions? (players enter/exit the tunnels via spawned tunnel entry/exit points so a teleport script is executed when this happens, maybe it can be enabled/disabled then?)

Requires manual edits to client\clientEvents\onKeyPress.sqf, maybe add something like this:

Code: [Select]
if (!_handled && _key in actionKeys "throw" && inTheTunnel) then
_handled = true;

Replace inTheTunnel with your variable or whatever.

In the tunnels when a player is climbing a ladder and they open their parachute they fall into a restricted zone, can parachutes be disable/re-enabled when they enter/exit the tunnel?

Maybe do manual edits to client\functions\fn_openParachute.sqf to cancel its behavior when inside tunnels.

Can the ‘A3W_missionFarAiDrawLines’ be disabled only for the Tunnel Rat missions?

Requires manual edits to client\functions\drawPlayerMarkers.sqf

Is someone able to merge the Advanced Tow Ropes addon into the wasteland mod using the R3F LOG so the external mod isn't required at all?

Advanced Tow Ropes is a neat idea on paper, but in practice, it's absolute garbage. Shit starts blowing up as soon as you try to cross a bridge, or going over a curb, or if the server starts lagging, etc... Not worth the trouble.

Please note that I will not provide further information regarding manual edits, it's your job to code these new features.