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Editing & Coding / Re: Player items on spawn
« on: Jan 11, 2024, 03:59 AM »

Server Discussion / Lucky's Wasteland
« on: May 18, 2023, 06:21 AM »
Lucky's Wasteland

IP and Port:

Map: Malden
Version: Custom Update 15.2

What features we can given to you?
  • Whole new experience with Contact DLC's equipment and features
  • Almost 97% arma 3 equipment are available in store
  • More customize missions that other server do not have
  • Custom item? We have Defibrillator or AED, quad bike, water scooter and more...
  • Action like chop tree, transfer ownership, take/steal uniform, get in as passenger for few DLC and more...
  • Can arma jump before? We have climb with no mod
  • Dead in underwater and no be able to retrieve your gear? We got solution
  • Wanna base build? We offer you some good stuff in general store
  • Solo in attack helicopter? No worry we got head track for you when manual fire
  • We can use drive assist without light
  • Still searching for beacon one by one? Rename it and spawn
  • Dont have skill for land on aircraft carrier, we added you tailhook

We have Discord server and you might want to report bug or suggest feature there, Spartan Out

ima clone and test it, you mean send me a dm LeonZ#1848 , it is always in the bottom of my message everytime i post

too many errors on the rpt file, mostly it is from extDB_Database_async, and other problem such as undefined variable for a3w_extdb_mapid, feel free to send dm on discord, or maybe you can post your server pbo or github, i can provide some help if need

missing character file:
server\missions\mainMissions\mission_SupplyDrop.sqf..., line 109

wrong type on script call file:
Error call: Type Number, expected code
persistence\server\world\extDB\getTime.sqf..., line 7

undefined variable file:
 6:56:40   Error position: <serverDonors == "ARRAY") then { serverDo>
 6:56:40   Error Undefined variable in expression: serverdonors
server\admins.sqf..., line 63

messy file:
persistence\server\players\extDB\updateStats.sqf..., line 12

i think you may want to edit the server save file too if you are using database instead of arma save

Server Discussion / Re: Money shipment
« on: Feb 19, 2023, 02:45 PM »
Problem could be in line 113 and 114, try change from this code
Code: [Select]
   call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

change to this code
Code: [Select]
   ] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

Editing & Coding / Re: Using gunstore warning for territory
« on: Feb 04, 2023, 12:20 AM »
.. still searching for the issue.

what was the issue

Editing & Coding / Re: delete object after action
« on: Nov 09, 2022, 03:55 PM »
Here is my server file stuff and features, fix will not be write down

High Value Target
Cargo Platform R3F
Custom Elevation Place R3F
Custom Weapon Install on Vehicle R3F
Rotate and Elevation shortcut key R3F
Beacon Detector
Grenade Throwback
Carry Injured Animation (default just drag)
Transfer to Box when player died on sea
Suicide Vest
Airport garage for plane only
Artillery Restriction Zone
Swim Faster
Tailhook for all plane
Vehicle Transfer Ownership
Flat Grass
Tree Cutter
Get in vehicle without owned DLC (Apex and Helicopter)
Take Uniform (Wear other side uniform, Arma doesn’t allow it)
Defibrillator item
Quad bike item
Water scooter item
Driver Assist (Turn Engine and Light)
Spawn on Territory
Vehicle Store Item Search
General Store Item Search
Portal system
Player ICON with range and custom speed
Backpack Lock
Custom heal allow non medic to get 100
Resupply Fix with Jet DLC
Custom gear load out when player spawn (All faction support, dlc check)
Vehicle texture based on Arma
Beacon Rename
Beacon Repair
Defibrillator self heal
Jerry Can more place and vehicle to refuel
Admin Tool (infinity ammo, god, teleport, vehicle invincible, access storage, heal player, unstuck player)
Auto attach to weapon instead of put it to backpack (Gun Store Attachment, Magazine)
Sell Vehicle feature (auto untow, unload)
Tougher Tank and Heli (Vehicle Store)
Better eject corpse
More variant of box
Lot of new Mission (with custom gear for each soldier, player can loot, too much to write if need)
Full General Store for cloth (player side and civilian)

Hint mission hint final place will be here, but you might need to check on if got any other file call the hint file, /client/functions/serverMessage.sqf

Next is if you want stay more that before try do some loop or while, or other is make some hinSilent

Editing & Coding / Re: delete object after action
« on: Nov 09, 2022, 11:25 AM »
This should be on every Wasteland server ..

I assume you that you haven’t check my server file, got ton of fix and thing other wasteland don’t have such as more r3f stuff, fix for wasteland, to be honest you should check and play or test it before said that

Editing & Coding / Re: delete object after action
« on: Nov 08, 2022, 07:42 PM »
No. I thought, it worked.
But live on dedi, hundreds of the boxes spawned ..


Try this, based on the spawn hundred of box fix

Code: [Select]
// ******************************************************************************************
// * This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2014 *
// ******************************************************************************************
//@file Version: 1.0
//@file Name: repair.sqf
//@file Author: MercyfulFate
//@file Created: 23/7/2013 16:00
//@file Description: Repair the nearest Vehicle

#define DURATION 20
#define REPAIR_RANGE 6;
#define ANIMATION "Acts_carFixingWheel"
#define ERR_NO_VEHICLE "You are not close enough to a vehicle that needs repairing"
#define ERR_IN_VEHICLE "Repairing Failed! You can't do that in a vehicle"
#define ERR_FULL_HEALTH "Repairing Failed! The vehicle is already repaired"
#define ERR_DESTROYED "The vehicle is too damaged to repair"
#define ERR_TOO_FAR_AWAY "Repairing failed! You moved too far away from the vehicle"
#define ERR_CANCELLED "Repairing cancelled!"

private ["_vehicle", "_hitPoints", "_checks", "_success", "_repaircase"];
_vehicle = call mf_repair_nearest_vehicle;
_hitPoints = (typeOf _vehicle) call getHitPoints;

_repaircase = "Land_PlasticCase_01_small_black_F" createVehicle position player;
_repaircase setposatl (player modelToWorld [0.55,-0.2,0]);
_repaircase setdir (getdir player +10);
_repaircase setpos [(getpos _repaircase) select 0,(getpos _repaircase) select 1, 0.1];
_repaircase setVectorUp surfaceNormal position _repaircase;
_repaircase enableSimulation false;

_checks = {
private ["_progress","_failed", "_text"];
_progress = _this select 0;
_vehicle = _this select 1;
_text = "";
_failed = true;
switch (true) do {
case (!alive player): {}; // player is dead, no need for a notification
case (vehicle player != player): {_text = ERR_IN_VEHICLE};
case (player distance _vehicle > (sizeOf typeOf _vehicle / 3) max 2): {_text = ERR_TOO_FAR_AWAY};
case (!alive _vehicle): {_text = ERR_DESTROYED};
case (damage _vehicle < 0.05 && {{_vehicle getHitPointDamage (configName _x) > 0.05} count _hitPoints == 0}): {_text = ERR_FULL_HEALTH}; // 0.2 is the threshold at which wheel damage causes slower movement
case (doCancelAction): {_text = ERR_CANCELLED; doCancelAction = false;};
default {
_text = format["Repairing %1%2 Complete", round(100 * _progress), "%"];
_failed = false;
[_failed, _text];

_success = [DURATION, ANIMATION, _checks, [_vehicle]] call a3w_actions_start;
deleteVehicle _repaircase;

if (_success) then {
[netId _vehicle] remoteExec ["mf_remote_repair", _vehicle];
["Repairing complete!", 5] call mf_notify_client;



Editing & Coding / Re: delete object after action
« on: Nov 08, 2022, 07:38 PM »
so problem not solve?

Editing & Coding / Re: delete object after action
« on: Nov 07, 2022, 05:45 PM »
Yes and no, yes to use nearestObject and that is not mission, i assume your mission have some error inside so you search it, the only solution is use your method

Variant of geoCache-Mission. But here .. you have to find a very small credit card within an area of 500m  diameter. You need luck and/or endurance - but the reward should be worth it.

it should be 500m radius and the object will not inside the 250m radius circle because of the code. geoCache is good but there is a way to cheat on it

Editing & Coding / Re: The path to pictures
« on: Oct 30, 2022, 07:22 PM »
Back slash as path separator, example here\resource\img.paa

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