Wasteland | Chernarus | PVP | PVE

Wasteland | Chernarus | PVP | PVE

« posted: Feb 13, 2024, 01:14 AM »
I am glad to inform you about the revival of Chernarus Wasteland

About this server:
1. Some features in this server: JET with nuclear weapon, MLRS and artillery, helicopters with TV rockets, CRAM with def mode (can shoot down MLRS missiles and missiles from lauchers - not always, but works in auto mode), kamikaze drones, electronic warfare (anti drone weapon), artillery radar and other. JET and MLRS are very rare and very epensive
2. Map - chernarus summer (for best FPS)
3. Interesting missions (air patrols, armored convoys, money missions, sea missions, base capture, vehicle capture, drone boxes, etc.)
4. Also other features that work: air-drops, start gear set, parking system and other
5. Advanced base building system (long unlock of other people's structures + the ability to extend the time life of structures)
6, Small chance of spawning heavy vehicles in the city (I tried to make a good balance)
7. UAV supported
8. Thermal imaging system unlocked for everything
9. Weather system (random dynamic change of fog, rain, overcast, thunderstorms. The weather is more likely to be clear
10. Ability to turn off grass
11. Added Structures and vehicles like in Arma 2 (e.g. "Depot" structure and Abrams)
12. Spawn structures in towns, also you can buy this in market (for base building)
13. Survival system (water and food)
14. Minimum mods for download. Only - CUPs and CBA3

According to my observations, the server has very good FPS, compared to Missions on Chernarus2020 or Stratis

Server name: RU|EN|Wasteland|Chernarus|CUP|PVP|PVE|Mil|discord.gg/DPB6p2W6zy

Discord: discord.gg/DPB6p2W6zy