Trying to disable Blufor and Opfor. Can't load pbo into editor wants to update

Hello, I am simply trying to disable blufor and opfor so only independent is an option. I tried following the steps in the forum but cant load the mission into the editor it tries to update it and then fails. What or where is the code i need to change to disable blufor and opfor. I am starting a new server with many friends. Please help us make this tweak. Thank you for your time!
Got it all squared away. New server up and building a new community. Lets bring some new Flavor to Arma 3!!!  :)

Server info Attached:

To all my Tactical Gamer friends!
Join us on our new Arma 3 server!!!

[GR] INDEPENDENT WASTELAND! A brand new flavor!

Features include:
Server Persistance
Instant ATV spawning
Dynamic Missions and Roadblocks
Easy Teammate Revive
Simpler Money System
Extra Loot Spawns
Plenty of Vehicles
Base and SpawnBeacons
No BluFor or Opfor
Group up with friends