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In our server there seems to be a problem with people just buying a UAV and sitting inside a building and using the missiles to kill players while they sit at 2k ASL. Its more of a problem when there is only 3-4 people in the server. I have increased the prices of the armed UAVs but hasn't changed much.

Just curious what other servers are doing with UAVs?

They can be a great asset to a team when the server is full. Is there any way to disable the thermal in the armed UAVs or edit the default ammo? They seem impossible to find and shoot with AA.

We have the UAVs priced quite high, but regardless the UAV doesn't really have much ammo to begin with.

I would suggest just buying a tigris and shooting it down since it is classified as an air vehicle and will appear on radar

The biggest problem has been one player that has a lot of money in the bank buying UAV after UAV and we have a rearm point on the airfield so the ammo don't matter if he can land it safely. Seems to be a big server killer when one person is hiding with the UAV and bombing new spawns and making them leave the server.

Thought about limiting the altitude of the UAVs, removing thermal and so on wasn't sure if it was hard coded or able to be changed.

Here is how you can modify the UAV's default loadout.

If you have a resupply script to rearm vehicles, you will also need to modify that like here:

I have completely removed the predator drones and made the UAV quadcopters a random high end mission reward from certain harder missions.

I have some players that ONLY go for the high value missions to try get the drones as they give thermal over-watch and invaluable to their teammates.


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