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Editing & Coding / Ai ejecting issue
« on: Oct 23, 2022, 12:03 AM »
Hello guys,

is there a way how to remove AI ability to eject vehicle while damaged?  Im kinda having issues with AIR missions, after DLC jets they added ejection seat right? and now the AI use it every time when its damaged and ignore that the plane is still controable and go eject for no reason.

I elaborated with it and went trought many forums and found nothing.
so i am back here.

Editing & Coding / Rocket damage reduction
« on: Oct 08, 2022, 11:29 AM »
Hello guys,

Is there a possible way how to de/increase selected rocket damage output?
I know there is a code which makes a vehicle of some type more/less durable.
But is there something simillar to rockets? Vorona/Titan/RPG ext.

In past i have been pissed of how much weak some armors are even with cages and i was changing it in durabilit. problem was that it affected even performance agains everything HMG/cannons ....

So now after 2 and something years without wastelend I started to think about that again  ;)
i know its kinda pointless now when there is arma 4 on the way in next 5 yrs (hopefully)
But i would still like to know, bcz as you may know some rockets are hella OP and some are basically dead weight.

so if there is a way i would like to get to know where. And maybe it would help on wasteland servers which are mainly AT/AA camper based

Technical Support / Creating new convoy paths
« on: Mar 21, 2021, 02:04 PM »

I thought about adding different convoy paths for different mission so they spawn somewhere else.
so i used magic key ctrl+ c/v changed names added new markers on map added it into setupMissionArrays.sqf
added those paths into _locationsArray in mission and changed in _setupObjects the file for convoys where they start.

result?  its shouting that it doesnt know _starts/_startDirs

I look for all file where is used "LandConvoyPaths" from previous mission and carefully copied it and changed but it didnt want to wrok.... where could be the problem if everything is copied exactly like original only names are changed?

mission is running okay if paths are LandConvoyPaths + previous _missionLocation file

Editing & Coding / Creating railguard for bridge
« on: Mar 17, 2021, 05:09 PM »

i am trying to reduce mission size, I want to create for each platform create a railguard whcih will be called from script after mission starts. I placed a platforms in eden. Already having those birges created a big file.... 

Is it stupid idea or good idea?

summary what i am looking for:

Find every object (paltform) on map.
For each object spawn a 4-6 objects (barriers) which position will be relative to the object

Code: [Select]
private ["_bridge","_most","_pos","_guard1", "_guard2","_guard3"];
        _bridge = [];


        _most = {getPos _x } forEach (nearestObjects [[9000,9000,0], ["Land_AirstripPlatform_01_F"], 999999]);

        //_pos setPos (getPos _most);

        _bridge pushBack  _most;

        //_pos = {getPos _x } forEach _bridge;
        //_pos setPos (getPos _bridge);

        //_guard1 = "Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F" createVehicle [_boxClass, _safePos, [], 0, "NONE"];
        _guard1 = createVehicle ["Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F", _bridge, [], 0, "NONE"];
        _guard2 = createVehicle ["Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F", _bridge, [], 0, "NONE"];
        _guard3 =createVehicle ["Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F", _bridge, [], 0, "NONE"];
        //_guard3 = "Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F" createVehicle [0,0,1];

    } forEach _bridge;

thanks for any help

Hello guys,

I am trying to create mission where will be 3 spawned vehicles and one of them will have attached vehicle/static AA SAM behind it, everything is spawning proeprly and even attach is good.

Problem is:
If mission is not finished all the vehicles are deleted except for attached vehicle/object.

Code: [Select]
if (_type isKindOf "B_Truck_01_transport_F") then


                { _vehicle deleteVehicleCrew _x } forEach crew _vehicle;

                _obj  = createVehicle ["B_Radar_System_01_F", _position, [], 0, "None"];
                _obj attachTo [_vehicle, [0.02, 0, 1.9]];

                _soldier = [_aiGroup, _position] call createRandomSoldier;
                _soldier moveInDriver _vehicle;

                _soldier = [_aiGroup, _position] call createRandomSoldier;
                _soldier moveInCargo _vehicle;

anyone know how to edit it so the all the object from mission will despawn after mission fail?

Technical Support / yahoo, problem with Error msg
« on: Feb 15, 2021, 08:52 AM »
Hello i have a little problem with VA

I added it so everyone on their spawn after death can use it. but problem is that this error msg shows up. for no reason. code is okay VA works even with restrictions to specified items but this msg is still there.

The root to the file is actual in game itself so i think there is nothing what i can do with it probably. I can keep it running with this error msg but it is not nice to be shown up every single time when you enter VA after death. if anyone have any idea how to disable the error msg just tell me :)



I have problem with default mission  Money Shimpent.

Some times (70%) the Ai after its spawned just freeze, tehy dont moove until something happen near them (gunfire- they spot enemy or I will move them in zeus) , they dont follow leader or soemtimes leader is also frozen...
i tried to add their 1st waypoint close to them and increase waypoint completion radius so it will automaticaly complete their first wayspoint and force them to continue but it didnt helped.  Even tried to add to them Velocity when they spawn with better results but ist not always 100%. any help?

And when i checked other convoy missions (armed convoy=mission_Convoy.sqf) this mission is calling and spawning units by numbers  1,2,3.... and money shipment is spawning them randomly around marked. maybe that could be the issue...

I tried a lot of stuff and all my ideas with my (weak)knowledge are depleted so I am asking for help here :)



I want to create success condition where, if one from 3 cars will pass finish line (completation radius 10m for example)

thanks for any advice

Technical Support / Vehicle parts (not showing) problem
« on: May 23, 2020, 08:07 AM »

i have got a little problem with vehicle parts.

I want to use additional vehicle parts like cage armor or camo net but due to something it doesnt work.

And when i look into DB i can see this
for some reason its turned to "0" instead of "1"
and i dont know why is that.
(When i run it on my machine (without BE filters) everything works fine)

Thx for any help ;)

Editing & Coding / server auto deleting created AI´s by me
« on: May 20, 2020, 08:33 PM »

i have got little issue with AI´s

I have been trying to add manually on running server
throught debug console/zeus some Ai´s but after 5 second
servers automaticly delete them.
What is wrong or what should i change to disable this feature

when I run mission localy everything is fine but on live server its deleting AI´s...

In BE filters I have turned everything to 1 as instructed but nothing changed :/

thanks for any information.


Is there a way how to increase rada signature to small UAVs?
I found some lines about increasing signature value but i am not sure how to add it or even if its possible.

Or it would be nice to increase radar sensitivity to radar ground vehicles like Nyx (recon), so the vehicle would start to be usable



Today I have set up new MadSalt A3wasteland Tanoa server+ HC with interesting map locations.

Join Discord for more info

Balanced Virtual arsena l weapons/equip
Sexy custom vehicle loadouts (jets/helis/vtols)
No DLC jets in shop only from mission.
basic addons. Unlocked uniforms, enhanced movements, blastcore, CBA, Autorun, full screen NV
Experiencd AIs :)
After buying vehicle the Markus will thank you for buy.

Looking forward for test subjects and feedback :)))


Editing & Coding / Want to delete mines after mission ends
« on: May 02, 2020, 10:01 AM »

I have some missions which are using "addDefensiveMines.sqf" which spawn defined mines around mission center.
but unfortunately after mission end , the mines still stay there.

Before mission starts i am using
Code: [Select]
_baseToDelete = nearestObjects [_missionPos, ["All"], 30];
{ deleteVehicle _x } forEach _baseToDelete;
To delete everything before mission starts
So i tried to modify it
Code: [Select]
    _baseToDelete = nearestObjects [_missionPos, ["ATMine_Range_Mag"], 50];
    { deleteVehicle _x } forEach [_baseToDelete];
But nothings works, any idea how to delete specific object like mines wihin 100m radius?

Technical Support / need help with my extDB3
« on: Apr 27, 2020, 07:23 PM »

Do anyone know how to solve this problem?
password is same like in MySQL database


Hosting & Management / Server insta-kill me
« on: Apr 22, 2020, 06:28 PM »

I have a issue with my private server.
Im trying to run a DS on my own machine (1st i want to try it on my local pc then i want to move all stuff to second PC)

i have running MySQL Workbench database OK
using TADST (lates version) also OK

When i join server, after i seelct class and click next and so i can use respawn dialog, i can see in killfeed that i have been killed and after few second i am kicked out.

any idea what could be the issue?
thx for any help

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