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Gameplay Discussion / It's been years ...
« on: Jul 08, 2019, 08:53 AM »
I thought I'd pop on and see what's been going on here ... Glad to see there's still people developing stuff ;)

Any decent servers I should check out ?

./discuss xD

Server Discussion / CGC Stratis Wasteland
« on: Jul 08, 2019, 08:51 AM »
Can the host of this server drop me a pm pl0x ;) I have some questions.

Merci !


Gameplay Discussion / Greetings fellow Armaholics !!
« on: Jun 25, 2017, 02:56 PM »
Greetings everyone,

Just a quick hello ! Did my 6 monthly checkin to see how things are moving along here ! Good to see the team still working hard to keep up with arma patches and content !

Be cool and keep up the great work !

CRE4MPIE over and out <3

Addons & Mods / Advanced Rappeling by Duda
« on: Aug 03, 2016, 07:05 PM »
Add the mod as a serverside mod and profit ;)

Want instant action ? Don't want to gear up just to die ? Want to get your hands on some decent military hardware ?

THEN THIS WASTELAND SERVER IS FOR YOU !!! A3Wasteland Tanoa CQB ( Close Quaters Battles)

It hosts a unique array of changes that encourages player vs player action on a massive scale ! The is no other server like it in the world !

Choose your player class when you connect and spawn in fully geared for combat with $10,000.00 to start! Anything goes !
Medics - LMG, Medkit , 2 Grenades, Custom Clothing and Backpack
Engineers - SMG, RPG , Toolkit with Custom Clothing and Backpack
Snipers - DMR with SOS scope, 2 Claymores and Ghillie and Backpack
Divers (Special Ops) - Assault Rifle with Underslug, Dive Suit and Apers mines and Backpack

Other unique features includes a  customized Tanoa island with additional points of interest , structures and places to set up camp !
Unique purchasable items in the General store
Access to all weapons at the Gunstores.
Sell or Service your vehicle at any Vehicle store.

Customized Missions like Roadblocks, Hostile Gunship, Exotics Dealer and Hackers where players can hack money from other enemy players banks !

Random NPC Encounters at every mission spawn, so you never know what you're up against ! Ranomized Crate Contents and MUCH MUCH more !

Version 0.9 Changelog is up ! Some AWESOME Stuff included xD

Come join the carnage. No whitelists, No supporter kits , No mods required ! Just skills and more ammo

The server also supports a variety of client mods - come ask on Teamspeak smile emoticon
Fullscreen NVG

Join us on teamspeak at

CRE4MPIE out !

Addons & Mods / Arma 3 APEX ( Tanoa )
« on: Jun 08, 2016, 11:07 AM »
Greetings Fellow Armaholics !

AgentRev is working on an official release of this - really looking forward to see it up and running ;)

See you on the battlefield !

CP out

Coming soon :P

Made you look xD

Addons & Mods / Restrict Flying Height of Aircraft - Updated
« on: Feb 07, 2016, 02:13 PM »
Greetings fellow armaholics !

I've recently been asked to add this to my mission as some players will sit and hover with an attach heli 2km up in the sky and just destroy everything :)

1) Create 2 triggers on the map -  (this is for Stratis). Heli height restricted to 250m, Jet height restricted to 500m. Emits a beep when you are flying above the set height with an onscreen warning and gives you 30 seconds to drop below. If you don't it disables your engines by draining all your fuel with a small explosion :)

Get the Triggers from my GIT Here!

Add the 2 scripts from my GIT Here!

To Do Still : Make sounds clearer to the pilot. Code / Trigger optimizations.Add UAV Checks.

Enjoy !

Server Discussion / Exile-Z.NET World First Stratis by CRE4MPIE
« on: Jan 10, 2016, 01:31 PM »
Hello folks !!

I Have been derping with exile for the last few months and haven't really kept in touch with A3W much ! Now that AgentRev is back and working on the mission i thought I'd start up my old world #1 mission with a few new addiitions xD

As always I'd like to thanks everyone who contributed and made this possible !

The server features my completely custom overhauled Stratis map with extra towns , constructions , points of interest , ocean bases and ... well I can't give everything away now can I :)

It also sports my class system whereby players can choose a class from the lobby and get access to instant gear up to get into the fight straight away ! ( You get Medics, Snipers , Divers ,Engineers,  Explosives Specialists , Hazmat Scientists and Insurgents that can end themselves and everyone around them xD

There's a TON of customization and additions which will take you ages to read through and by doing so waste valuable time killing enemy players xD

How can I join ?! You can grab our easy to use launcher to join the server from HERE ! < 5MB download for the launcher + mods required !

Drop me a PM if you have any questions xD Here's a few random pictures xD

CRE4MPIE over and Out !

Technical Support / class HitPoints::HitFuel not found
« on: Jan 09, 2016, 05:54 PM »
Started seeing this in my RPT now ...

Haven't strarted debugging it yet , thought I'd ask here first if anyone has seen anything like this ... At one point there was an SQF error which stopped the saving of base objects. Only once i cleared the vehicles table and restarted the server did baseObjects start saving again.

I am using the vload.sqf from the latest Altis Commits.

Code: [Select]
class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in O_MBT_02_cannon_F
10:00:53 Error in expression < setMagazineTurretAmmo [_mag, _ammoCoef * (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _mag >
10:00:53   Error position: <* (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _mag >
10:00:53   Error *: Type Config entry, expected Number,Not a Number
10:00:53 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Stratis\persistence\server\world\vLoad.sqf, line 185
10:00:54 "WASTELAND - Vehicle spawning completed - 75 town vehicles spawned in 11.138s"
10:00:54 "WASTELAND SERVER - 0 Planes Spawned"
10:00:54 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in O_Boat_Armed_01_hmg_F
10:00:55 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in C_Boat_Civil_01_rescue_F
10:00:55 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in C_Boat_Civil_01_police_F
10:00:55 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in B_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F
10:00:55 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in I_Boat_Armed_01_minigun_F
10:00:55 class HitPoints::HitFuel not found in C_Boat_Civil_01_F

CP out !

Code: [Select]
"[WARNING] A3W configuration file '\A3Wasteland_settings\main_config.sqf' was not found. Using default settings!"
Restarted after 1.52 and getting this error ^_^;;

Hosting & Management / BE Scripts.log Spam
« on: Aug 26, 2015, 09:43 PM »
Got a bunch of these since a week ago ...

Something to do with KOTH  or are they seriously trying to hack some shit ?

Code: [Select]
26.08.2015 21:42:11: [DANK] Mayhem (  - #3 "bleServer "wgxuq3";hint "Click on map to aim sattelite";onMapSingleClick "[_pos] call c_proving_ground_fnc_sattelite;onMapSingle"
26.08.2015 21:42:38: [DANK] Mayhem (  - #3 "bleServer "wgxuq3";hint "Click on map to aim sattelite";onMapSingleClick "[_pos] call c_proving_ground_fnc_sattelite;onMapSingle"
26.08.2015 21:42:45: [DANK] Bunster ( - #3 "bleServer "wgxuq3";hint "Click on map to aim sattelite";onMapSingleClick "[_pos] call c_proving_ground_fnc_sattelite;onMapSingle"
26.08.2015 21:45:50: [DANK]SeaWolf (  - #3 "bleServer "wgxuq3";hint "Click on map to aim sattelite";onMapSingleClick "[_pos] call c_proving_ground_fnc_sattelite;onMapSingle"

Hosting & Management / Custom Launcher
« on: Aug 21, 2015, 11:48 AM »

Some time ago someone mentioned something about making a custom launcher for arma 3

Anyone recall who that was ?

CP out

Hosting & Management / Server Performance Again ...
« on: Aug 13, 2015, 02:15 PM »
We recently moved to new dedicated servers ...

Having full control is great and all , HOWEVER ... I have noticed my missions are running really badly in terms of fps / cps.

On the old hosted environment I was getting 15-25 fps with 60 players. ( not sure what spec machines )
On the new environment I am seeing ~ 5 fps / cps with 60 players with the exact same files / mission.

Windows Server 2012 R2
Intel Xeon CPUs
8vCPU @ 2.69Ghz , 16GB Ram, SSDs  VMWare
500mbit up / down.

CPU usage barely touches 40 - 50%, can see all cores working and so on.

Startup params /HIGH / affinity FF /

-enableHT  -loadMissionToMemory

We have a similar setup running on Windows Server 2008 which appears to be running fine !

./discuss !

Editing & Coding / Dynamic Territory Placement
« on: Aug 05, 2015, 11:35 AM »

Been giving this some thought ...

How much work do you think it would be to make territories dynamically change and send our a notification to all players that the following areas are now contested ? On set interval territories are randomly selected between the list of available territories.

A3W_maxTerritories = 4;  // Maximum amount of active territories at any given time
A3W_territoryRotation = 30; //Number of minutes for territories to change

Why do this ?

Well having territories is okay - but the combat is fairly static and people don't see territories as something to chase or do. If you increase the cap value of territories and make them points of interest that changes things up a bit.

Also having them randomly pop up on the map would make people move around alot more to get there.


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