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So, pretty much an Enfusion remake of Operation Flashpoint.

Could be interesting.

yep - if feels super clunky :D

The hype is reaaaaaaaal !

In short from my experience so far ..

It's a really dumbed down version of Arma running on Enfusion. Bohemia are trying to reach console geamers and making it more accessible.

It's a great foundation and I think we will see some good stuff coming down the line.

It's still early access so expect so hiccup.

Good to see some familiar names here again :)

Peace out all xD

Questions & Suggestions / Re: Need help please
« on: Jan 10, 2020, 02:38 PM »

1) when i open the file on eden editor and click on play i get the error Script / A3_Wasteland_settings / init.sqf not found and then the game keep saying "Welcome to A3Wasteland, please wait for your client to iniatilize"

2) when i get that error i got the wasteland client loading all the time with the text from before and only hear the npcs shooting and dont know how to make them stop

3) how can i enable the garage?

4) how can i enable the option to sell vehicles and add the device that carry the truck Tempest that let you claim a territory?

I want to solve that problems before loading the file on my server, if you know how to solve that problems answer please or if you have a file of Wasteland on Altis with garage working fine please share it please.

Sorry for my Englisy, im from Spain not England so y may have some mistakes with some words so if you dont understand something just ask and i will try to explain it better but please help.



Replied to your pm - I would suggest looking at the vanilla mission files and configuring your server correctly to use those.

Best of luck

Technical Support / Re: Help creampie mission
« on: Dec 17, 2019, 02:21 PM »
Hello guys, I'm running the mission with creampie in stratis, which is very good, everyone likes it very much, We are not buying vehicles and locking them either but I believe this is a creampie policy. Could you guys help me out? ;)
when we die an error appears, is it easy to fix?


If you're using the mission file on GIT, It's VERY out-dated. With each update to Arma 3 Bohemia generally breaks more functions and things than fixes them so my only guess is that's why you're having issues.

 I would suggest grabbing the latest release from AgentRev on the official A3W Git and adding in any "custom" content you'd like.

Best of luck !

Off Topic / Re: 5k
« on: Oct 15, 2019, 05:54 PM »
Hahah ! nice one :D

Server Discussion / Re: CGC Stratis Wasteland
« on: Oct 15, 2019, 05:50 PM »
Yeah I wanted to have a look at their mission file but it's obfuscated :)

Gameplay Discussion / It's been years ...
« on: Jul 08, 2019, 08:53 AM »
I thought I'd pop on and see what's been going on here ... Glad to see there's still people developing stuff ;)

Any decent servers I should check out ?

./discuss xD

Server Discussion / CGC Stratis Wasteland
« on: Jul 08, 2019, 08:51 AM »
Can the host of this server drop me a pm pl0x ;) I have some questions.

Merci !


Editing & Coding / Re: Ai assisting player
« on: Jul 08, 2019, 08:49 AM »
To be honest, it's really hard because the anti-hack will spazz out. You will have to create exceptions for all of them which will also leave the server open to vulnerabilities

General Discussion / Re: looking for server devs
« on: Jun 08, 2019, 04:57 PM »
more info join us at

sounds like work :D

General Discussion / Re: 64 bit and wastelands ?
« on: Jul 09, 2017, 02:24 PM »
Greetings fellow armaholics ;)

Downloaded AgentRevs new extDB3.0 version with the new vanilla mission and managed to get everything up and running in a couple of minutes.

Looking good and running really smoothe ! Nicely done ;) no hassles at all !

glad to see it's still going good !

Technical Support / Re: Help installing
« on: Jul 09, 2017, 02:20 PM »
Hello all, thinking about getting a server from hosthavoc. I would like to try to get wasteland running as we are slowly trying to get out community over to arma 3 and we wish to have our own server. The issue here is that im inexperienced with arma 3 server setup. I can find a lot of dedicated server setups on youtube and by using google and such, but none for hosted servers. If someone could provide a good resource for this, I would be very grateful.

There's a few things you need to consider here .

1) does your host provide you with a MySQL DB
2) do you want to use MySQL or IniDB ?
3) does your host allow you remote access via FTP or RDP ?
4) does your host install arma 3 on the host machine for you ?


Server Discussion / Re: CCG CustomCombatGaming A3 Wasteland
« on: Jun 25, 2017, 02:58 PM »
Unfortunately not it's a current bug with the VA that has an open ticket. I did have a poll recently on our forums asking players if they wanted to keep it or not and the majority did oddly enough

the VA has a TON of code issues and the initial VA i set up was a massive pain in the ass to get the filters to work ><

some objects also caused saved VA loadouts to not load so hard to debug that crap too ><

Nice job ! it's all looking pretty sweet

Gameplay Discussion / Greetings fellow Armaholics !!
« on: Jun 25, 2017, 02:56 PM »
Greetings everyone,

Just a quick hello ! Did my 6 monthly checkin to see how things are moving along here ! Good to see the team still working hard to keep up with arma patches and content !

Be cool and keep up the great work !

CRE4MPIE over and out <3

Questions & Suggestions / Re: What's better extDB or profile
« on: Feb 14, 2017, 06:53 AM »
extDB gives you ALOT more control and flexibility. I would argue that busier servers also benefit more from having extDB set up.

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