TPG_fnc_MP is now A3W_fnc_MP

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TPG_fnc_MP is now A3W_fnc_MP

« posted: Oct 15, 2014, 05:58 AM »
Hello server owners,

In an effort to clamp down on cheating, I have done several modifications to the antihack, including implementing some of the techniques used by Tonic in Altis Life's SpyGlass (I also discovered a couple bugs in his code, which I fixed and submitted back to him in a pull request). Among the changes, I have removed TPG_fnc_MP and reintroduced it as A3W_fnc_MP.

This new command can only execute functions starting with "A3W_fnc_" and "mf_remote_", which means no more "BIS_fnc_spawn" to call raw code remotely. You are advised to move such code to a separate file in clients\functions or server\functions depending on the use, and add them to the compile scripts using a name starting with "A3W_fnc_".

- Agent