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Western Sahara

started by .Lord
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started by .Lord
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Adding standard beacon / changing standard loadout

started by YarneS
2 2382 by YarneS

Sound of drugs

started by .Lord
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Headless client invalid pitch

started by Blackcircle
0 1836 by Blackcircle

Issue with -autoinit

started by Blackcircle
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Starting bank money

started by Blackcircle
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DLC image

started by .Lord
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started by leogoss
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started by leogoss
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server.cfg optimal example

started by defused
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Wasteland & IFA3 compatibility issue

started by Chaosnz82
2 3244 by AgentRev

extDB3 problem

started by Eroge
9 4714 by TheChosenOne

Error Message read from bank

started by SlyGoose
2 3947 by wu258

after uisng verifySignatures = 2, player cannot join

started by wu258
1 2252 by wu258

Trying to run Wasteland on a Host Havoc rented server

started by steele556
0 2434 by steele556

Setting up wasteland on Host Havoc rented server

started by 0xlogan
4 3508 by steele556

extDB issues on Linux Wasteland Server

started by MTSPolaris
1 3511 by 0xlogan

Linux Server

started by .Lord
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Wasteland server on Linux

started by .Lord
1 2758 by MTSPolaris