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Rocket damage reduction

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Hello guys,

Is there a possible way how to de/increase selected rocket damage output?
I know there is a code which makes a vehicle of some type more/less durable.
But is there something simillar to rockets? Vorona/Titan/RPG ext.

In past i have been pissed of how much weak some armors are even with cages and i was changing it in durabilit. problem was that it affected even performance agains everything HMG/cannons ....

So now after 2 and something years without wastelend I started to think about that again  ;)
i know its kinda pointless now when there is arma 4 on the way in next 5 yrs (hopefully)
But i would still like to know, bcz as you may know some rockets are hella OP and some are basically dead weight.

so if there is a way i would like to get to know where. And maybe it would help on wasteland servers which are mainly AT/AA camper based

maybe on this file do and IF or SWITCH for those selected rocket/missile, and it variable in the file call _ammo, feel free check the HandleDamage on this wiki page

I will try that. even tho i am not programmer i will try to put it together :D
it will bu ugly but if it will be working :D then its all good.

It would basically be possible to buff/debuff certian weapons(bullets) with the same thing?
maybe even balistic vests, am i right?

Just vehicle, vest is not listing here, sure you can adjust by the bullet class

for some reason it doesnt like specific type of amunition("Vorona_HEAT")  for example  :/
even if i try to do it in dumb way it doesnt work


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