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Hello I allow myself to send this post in order to come back to you and potentially have a second chance, because everyone is entitled to a second chance...

It's been a long time I would even say 1 year since I was banned from Westland servers.... for obvious reasons and without any bad judgment on the part of moderators and admins but today I want to tell you that I have changed and that I have never been so ashamed of what I was 1 year...

It is therefore to send you my good will and my good behavior that I come to ask you for one of the banishments

Today I realize the mistakes and the lack of respect I had towards some at the time.. I am thinking in particular of Ecid and to administrators whom I may have offended

Sincerely I liked your server and I don't even know why it took me to do all these bad deeds

I will repeat myself once again but I will ask you that one thing is to give me a second chance

Thank you for taking note of my request and I wish you a good day  :D

Steam link :

ps : I put only one screenshot in link but it's just an old memory that I have of this fabulous server with my old friends and sorry for the mistakes I'm French and I'm really not very good in English

I think, you should talk about it here:

--- Quote ---We ( currently do NOT run any official servers.

That being said, we know this is the first place that comes up when searching for A3Wasteland, so we're not leaving you hanging here :)

One thing is for sure, posting here asking for "customer support" is not useful.

To get in contact with the admin of the server you've found a hacker on, or that you've been banned from, you can try one of the following steps.

1) Is the server you played on listed on our Server Discussion forum?
   - Contact the author of the thread using PM (Private Message) or reply to his server thread.
   - The server discussion forum can be found here:

2) Is the server perhaps listed on Gametracker or other forums such as Bohemia forums?
   - Contact the server owner via GameTracker or the Bohemia Forums
   - Gametracker search (ArmA 3) :
   - Bohemia-Forums (Server-Discussion) :

3) Does a google search on (part of) the servername result in any websites listing the server?
   - Usually if a clan or community hosts a server their website will definitely have a newspost or forumthread about it. Try using :)
--- End quote ---

hahaha, dont send unban appeal to AJ, they are bunch of tight asses ... , I am not talking about their programmer but rather admin team.I was banned from there by calling out their admin which was using godmode and played with friends :D remmenber "calling out Aj admin for using godmode = permaban" :D
There are better servers then then tho.just look for new one, NoAim is kinda good you should try it there.

Already did.


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