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Questions & Suggestions / Repair kits need a tire patch!
« on: Sep 25, 2013, 07:44 PM »
Heya folks-

Was playing on a few servers and I've noticed something with repair kits; Not sure if an intended 'feature' or a bug, but:

If you drive a vehicle and damage only the wheels, and nothing else, you do not get the option to repair. Only after, say, dumping some shots into the engine block do you get the option.

S'posed to be like that?

Questions & Suggestions / Servers running v0.9 Beta?
« on: Sep 16, 2013, 06:07 AM »
Has there been server files released to anyone? Played on a server that is apparently running v0.9. I did notice some new stuff, but couldn't really say what's all in it.

Hey folks, love what you guys got going on here, cannot wait for the initial release!

Anyway, a buddy and I were talking about persistence and keeping weapons/gear/money and the like, and I had an idea: what about some kind of bank system?

I kind of conceptualized it as being similar to a gun store i.e. it was a random guy that you could walk up to (edit: perhaps attached directly to a gun store). I was thinking this could be beneficial for a few reasons:

1)   If you wanted to save anything, you would have to 'bank' it.
(This is good because it nips that annoyance of things like ‘combat logging’)

2)   You still spawn in with the default gear and you would have to make your way to a bank to obtain saved items.
(Similar to the point above, this is handy to prevent people spawning in fully loaded and demolishing all in their sight.)

3)   You could use in-game money to purchase more space.
(Like a safety- deposit box, if you need more space you got to pony up the cash!)

I don’t know how feasible of an idea it is, but would be kinda cool!

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