Classic ERM Gaming Wasteland Sandbox
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Classic ERM Gaming Wasteland Sandbox

« posted: Dec 17, 2022, 10:15 PM »
Hi Guys,

I got bored abs put up my old Wasteland PBO from 5/6 Years ago..

So have fun and Enjoy the nostalgia!

Our Discord :

Servers Info:

*High FPS!! - Faster Cleanup Scripts


*Custom Sea Base Locations & Map Locations

*Small Updates, Tweeks & Addons/Changes Implemented Regularly for the best and most upto date gameplay!!

* More Stores

* Feedback from players it always appreciated so don't hesitate to post on are forums!

Server Features!!

~New Custom Class Load-Outs!!
~Over 60 New Missions High Money prizes!
~More Stores!!
~Toxic Gas
~All DLC
~Bounty System
~Updated Scoreboard! K/D Ratio
~Explosives To Vehicles
~Mag Repack
~Custom GUI
~Custom Map Content
~Personal Storage
~Vehicle Parking
~Death Markers