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Server admin stuff goes in "Hosting & Management"

started by AgentRev
- 4386 by AgentRev
Normal Topics


started by Matt76
10 851 by KRDucky

Prevent players from Capturing an Area while hover with Helicopter?

started by morfen
4 164 by morfen


started by bh92x
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Feature Request: Beacon tags

started by speedweasel
3 1130 by CREAMPIE

Food for Thought...

started by WhatsUpDoc
0 337 by WhatsUpDoc

Reserve Slot

started by dazholmes
2 645 by kordie1

Plane targeting pods

started by AgentRev
2 653 by AgentRev


started by Switcher
15 5061 by CREAMPIE

Convoy with money

started by БАРБОSА
1 908 by Inspecteur Clouseau

Remove Map-icons for Explosives

started by Firstyminator
3 1027 by Singto1

Tank Hold up

started by XxJustifiedxX
1 923 by dagg929

Fullscreen NVGs?

started by speedweasel
0 821 by speedweasel

At long range, the RCO optic is only accurate on the MX or MX3GL rifles

started by speedweasel
0 788 by speedweasel

Some Game Play

started by Hayk Shahbazyan
0 684 by Hayk Shahbazyan

Feature Request: Storing Wasteland supplies in crates

started by speedweasel
2 957 by AgentRev

Towing multiple vehicals @ same time

started by Goodkill
4 1029 by gtoddc (Timberwolf)

Missions by server Pop ?

started by Matt76
1 814 by JoSchaap

Preventing massive teleporting ?

started by defused
8 1803 by AgentRev

Towing Tanks with Mini-Subs

started by H00T74
6 1784 by AgentRev

Town Spawn timers

started by CREAMPIE
0 772 by CREAMPIE