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Re: rip gpu

« Reply #15 posted: Nov 11, 2016, 04:41 PM »
Yup, EVGA 1070's and 1080's are a fire hazard, all their VBIOS "fix" does is increase fan speed...

Also a friend's Gigabyte 980 blew up a couple weeks ago, filling his room with hazy smoke. This is becoming all too common...

C'mon, advice from sales people is often misguided or biased. Look for professional and consumer reviews, and always dig for potential issues reported by other users. I spent an entire day researching before pulling the trigger.

I went with a Zotac 1070 Mini (my case is 10.5'' deep and all other good cards were too big), so far so good. Even with just 2 fans it rarely ever goes above 70°C. They go up to almost 4000 RPM, but rarely reach above 1500 during play.

it's far better to do your own research and compare and contrast other card. read reviews and know your product before you buy it. I quit trusting sales people, because they will sale you a broken card with any kind of sales tactic just to make $$$. lots of dishonest merchants out their now days. in the US, the best 3rd party reliable sites are like, amazon, or/and tomshardware for example.