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I'll tell you what's on my mind right now. There are too many Wasteland servers. So, I am taking small steps to raise the bar, and force admins to do it the right way. This includes no longer releasing pre-built PBOs, and especially not spoonfeeding answers which disrupt the normal maintenance workflow. Admins who do not wish to keep their mission updated fall to the bottom of my priorities. Don't take it personal, I would react the same way with anyone else.

Good to hear. After a long break from Arma, I am updating my project. ACE3 has made huge improvements as has ALiVE so I am updating the project for those communities that have expressed an interest. I assume the adjustments you made to the first branch would apply to the new release? (meaning I can just make the same changes you originally made?)

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A wonderful helping culture you fostering there. I ask for help, first you send me a link to decipher and now you tell me I am doing things wrong. So much for asking AgentRev anything (http://forums.a3wasteland.com/index.php?topic=2341.msg14363#msg14363) . You will probably be happy to know that I will think twice next time.

I would be willing to show you the ropes of Git. It too took me a bit to figure out. Even then I still trip up from time to time.