Help fixing/setup extDB2

Help fixing/setup extDB2

« posted: Jun 07, 2015, 02:32 AM »
Guys. Can someone please guide me on how to setup mysql with extDB2? I feel I have done everything more -or-less ok, but I am getting no entries in my database. Everything is NULL in the db.

Here's what I have done.
1. Installed MySQL Server. Created user wastelandserver with pass = mysqlpassword (demo). full privs
Ran query as per a3wasteland_db_v2.03.sql . a3wasteland tables created. (using workbench)

2. @extDB2 folder:
- Downloaded extDB2-v62.rar from
- From the archive, extracted tbb.dll and tbbmalloc.dll to the root folder
- extracted @extDB2 to root folder

3. edited the @extDB2/extdb-conf.ini

4. edited A3Wasteland_settings/main_config.sqf

5. Created folder extDB/db_custom and placed a3wasteland.ini in it.
added a minor edit in DB_INFO
Code: [Select]
SQL1_1 = SELECT IFNULL ((SELECT Value FROM DBInfo WHERE Name = 'Version'), '2.03');

6. added -mod=@extDB2; to the launch parameters.

After all this, getting no inputs in the database. Even though player money and vehicles are persistant after a restart, bases and base building stuff vanishes after a restart.
Help fixing/setup extDB2

Please help. I must be doing something very very wrong.

My folder structure:

not using @asm, @cba right now

Re: help to setup exDB2

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You need to manually adapt all of your mission to extDB2.

Official release is only extDB supported since extDB2 its still on beta and only available for testing and mannual updates

Re: Help fixing/setup extDB2

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I am using TOPARMA's wasteland.altis and not the official one.

Re: Help fixing/setup extDB2

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Its extDB on that TOPARMA mission,

and tbh, you should stick to extDB unless you want to help trialing errors and stuff with the new extDB2 beta

Re: Help fixing/setup extDB2

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Thanks for the input defused. Moving back to extDB for now then.