Brand new to the Arma World, NEED HELP

Brand new to the Arma World, NEED HELP

« posted: Mar 15, 2021, 11:50 PM »
So as the Title says, im brand new to the game. i just recently got my first PC setup and ive always wanted to play Arma. but im running into so many small issues that i have no idea how to handle, that its to the point im spending more time googling and searching for answers than i am playing the game... i spent 3 days trying to figure out why my port forwarding wasn't working... and my last resort is asking the experts directly!

SO. My Main Issue: i have no idea what a PBO file is or where to get one or how to make one.
   Mainly since me and my friend have started playing Arma we've played on the GoT/JoSchaap scenario thats in the steam workshop thinking that we were playing off of the A3W Files we downloaded. i tried putting the files into the Arma3 launcher mods section and it tells me the PBO is missing from the Addons folder. i looked back to the GitHub page and read "The actual mission PBO must be manually compiled using Addon Builder, BinBPO, or MakePBO from the following sources:" and i started looking into PBOs and i have NO idea what any of it means.

someone Please Help  :'(

ive been looking for answers for a couple days now and still dont understand

Re: Brand new to the Arma World, NEED HELP

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Why do u wanna set up a server while being brand new at this game?
Sounds like: I bought a new car, lets build a racetrack ..

I could understand, u wanna play special mods u found and think, they would be cool. But maybe there are many other mods u just havn't discovered. And if u dont want to have pvp because of starting and learning this game, there are many pve servers - and tons of different games, even different Wasteland Settings.