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Base System

« posted: Jul 13, 2021, 07:59 PM »
Hi, could someone help me?
I would like to install base system on my Altis server but I have no idea how to set it up, anyone?

Re: Base System

« Reply #1 posted: Jul 14, 2021, 12:42 PM »
You could try EDN Fortification mod.

Just adding this mod to your server (every client will need it) and modify the parts (not sure, if this is possible) you want to use for basebuilding.

Re: Base System

« Reply #2 posted: Jul 17, 2021, 07:01 PM »
You could try EDN Fortification mod.

Just adding this mod to your server (every client will need it) and modify the parts (not sure, if this is possible) you want to use for basebuilding.

i think i saw it on some servers long ago and there were problem with locking ( players, not only owner could unlock it and make a mess with it )
maybe they have fixed it.

Re: Base System

« Reply #3 posted: Jul 18, 2021, 07:56 AM »
Once we had the R3F-LOG Mod.
With this you could define any object for the shops (have to edit the shop content too), way of transports etc ..
ANd you could set timer to unlock:

Code: [Select]
_totalDuration = if (_object getVariable ["ownerUID", ""] == getPlayerUID player) then { 10 } else { 1800 }; // Allow owner to unlock quickly
This 1800 could be set to any timer so it's nearly unpossible for not owner, to unlock - only if he/she is  VERY bored.

I attached a zip with our old files. Maybe it helps

Edited storeconfig:

Code: [Select]
genObjectsArray = compileFinal str
["---DECORATION---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Flag Gendarmerie", "Flag_Gendarmerie_F", 320, "object"],
["Flag Bandits", "Flag_Syndikat_F", 320, "object"],
["Wooden Crate 1(Deco)", "Land_WoodenCrate_01_F", 120, "object"],
["Wooden Crate 2(Deco)", "Land_WoodenCrate_01_stack_x3_F", 150, "object"],
["Wooden Crate 3(Deco)", "Land_WoodenCrate_01_stack_x5_F", 180, "object"],
["Wooden Log", "Land_WoodenLog_F", 160, "object"],
["Wooden Pile", "Land_WoodPile_F", 210, "object"],
["Axe", "Land_Axe_F", 260, "object"],
["Fireaxe", "Land_Axe_fire_F", 290, "object"],
["Fire Extinguisher", "Land_FireExtinguisher_F", 310, "object"],
["Tin Container Small", "Land_TinContainer_F", 110, "object"],
["Canteen", "Land_Canteen_F", 250, "object"],
["Metal Barrel", "Land_MetalBarrel_F", 150, "object"],

//["Trophy Silver", "Land_Trophy_01_bronze_F", 550, "object"],
//["Trophy Silver", "Land_Trophy_01_silver_F", 750, "object"],
//["Trophy Gold", "Land_Trophy_01_gold_F", 1050, "object"],

["---USUABLE CRATES---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Camo Ammo Cache", "Box_FIA_Support_F", 250, "ammocrate"],
["Wooden Crate Small", "Box_Syndicate_WpsLaunch_F", 200, "ammocrate"],
["Wooden Crate Medium", "Box_Syndicate_Wps_F", 300, "ammocrate"],
["Wooden Crate Large", "Box_IED_Exp_F", 400, "ammocrate"],

["Middle East Crate Small", "Box_T_East_Ammo_F", 400, "ammocrate"],
["Middle East Crate Medium", "Box_T_East_Wps_F", 400, "ammocrate"],
["Middle East Crate Large", "Box_T_East_WpsSpecial_F", 400, "ammocrate"],

["---LIGHTS---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Fireplace", "Land_Campfire_F", 100, "object"],
["Metal Barrel Burning", "MetalBarrel_burning_F", 150, "object"],
["Camping Light", "Land_Camping_Light_F", 100, "object"],
["Lamp Post (Harbour)", "Land_LampHarbour_F", 100, "object"],
["Lamp Post (Shabby)", "Land_LampShabby_F", 100, "object"],
["Lamp Post (Halogen)", "Land_LampHalogen_F", 300, "object"],

["---FURNITURES---", "none", 0, "object"],
["PicNic Table Wood", "Land_PicnicTable_01_F", 200, "object"],
["Wooden Counter", "Land_WoodenCounter_01_F", 210, "object"],
["Wooden Bench", "Land_Bench_05_F", 220, "object"],
["Wooden Bench Luxury", "Land_Bench_03_F", 320, "object"],
["Shelves Wood Oliv", "Land_ShelvesWooden_khaki_F", 180, "object"],
["Shelves Wood", "Land_ShelvesWooden_F", 180, "object"],
["Wooden Shelter", "Land_WoodenShelter_01_F", 200, "object"],
["Chair Wood", "Land_ChairWood_F", 80, "object"],
["Office Table", "OfficeTable_01_old_F", 160, "object"],
["Camping Chair", "Land_CampingChair_V2_F", 120, "object"],
["Camping Table Small", "Land_CampingTable_small_F", 200, "object"],
["Camping Table Big", "Land_CampingTable_F", 250, "object"],
["Sink", "Land_Sink_F", 250, "object"],
["Watercooler", "Land_WaterCooler_01_old_F", 250, "object"],
["Fridge", "Fridge_01_closed_F", 350, "object"],
["Sleeping Bag Khaki", "Land_Sleeping_bag_F", 180, "object"],
["Sleeping Bag Brown", "Land_Sleeping_bag_brown_F", 180, "object"],

["---BASE OBJECTS---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Wooden Plank 4m", "Land_Plank_01_4m_F", 90, "object"],
["Wooden Plank 8m", "Land_Plank_01_8m_F", 140, "object"],
["Wooden Ramp Small", "Land_Obstacle_Ramp_F", 280, "object"],
["Wooden Pier Long", "Land_Pier_small_F", 350, "object"],
["Cloth Shelter Yellow", "Land_ClothShelter_01_F", 200, "object"],
["Cloth Shelter White", "Land_ClothShelter_02_F", 200, "object"],
["Cloth Shelter Blue", "Land_cargo_addon02_V2_F", 200, "object"],
["Boom Gate", "Land_BarGate_F", 150, "object"],
["Pipes", "Land_Pipes_Large_F", 200, "object"],
["Concrete Frame", "Land_CncShelter_F", 200, "object"],
["Highway Guardrail", "Land_Crash_barrier_F", 200, "object"],
["Scaffolding", "Land_Scaffolding_F", 250, "object"],

["---FENCE AND BARRIER---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Bamboo Fence Small", "Land_BambooFence_01_s_4m_F", 80, "object"],
["Bamboo Fence Large", "Land_BambooFence_01_s_8m_F", 160, "object"],
["Pole Fence Small", "Land_PoleWall_01_3m_F", 80, "object"],
["Pole Fence Large", "Land_PoleWall_01_6m_F", 200, "object"],
["Slum Fence Small", "Land_SlumWall_01_s_2m_F", 200, "object"],
["Slum Fence Large", "Land_SlumWall_01_s_4m_F", 200, "object"],
["Concrete Barrier", "Land_CncBarrier_F", 200, "object"],
["Concrete Barrier (Medium)", "Land_CncBarrierMedium_F", 350, "object"],
["Concrete Barrier (Long)", "Land_CncBarrierMedium4_F", 500, "object"],
["HBarrier (1 block)", "Land_HBarrier_1_F", 150, "object"],
["HBarrier (3 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_3_F", 200, "object"],
["HBarrier (4 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_Big_F", 200, "object"],
["HBarrier (5 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_5_F", 250, "object"],
["HBarrier Big", "Land_HBarrierBig_F", 500, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall (4 blocks)", "Land_HBarrierWall4_F", 400, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall (6 blocks)", "Land_HBarrierWall6_F", 500, "object"],
["HBarrier Watchtower", "Land_HBarrierTower_F", 600, "object"],
["HBarrier Green (1 block)", "Land_HBarrier_01_line_1_green_F", 150, "object"],
["HBarrier Green (3 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_01_line_3_green_F", 200, "object"],
["HBarrier Green (4 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_01_big_4_green_F", 230, "object"],
["HBarrier Green (5 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_01_line_5_green_F", 250, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall Green (4 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_01_wall_4_green_F", 400, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall Green (6 blocks)", "Land_HBarrier_01_wall_6_green_F", 500, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall Green (Corner)", "Land_HBarrier_01_wall_corner_green_F", 600, "object"],
["HBarrier Wall Green (Corridor)", "Land_HBarrier_01_wall_corridor_green_F", 700, "object"],
["Trench Forest", "Land_Trench_01_forest_F", 2900, "object"],
["Trench Grass", "Land_Trench_01_grass_F", 2900, "object"],
["Trench Frame", "Land_TrenchFrame_01_F", 1800, "object"],
["Concrete Wall", "Land_CncWall1_F", 400, "object"],
["Concrete Military Wall", "Land_Mil_ConcreteWall_F", 400, "object"],
["Concrete Wall (Long)", "Land_CncWall4_F", 600, "object"],
["Military Wall (Big)", "Land_Mil_WallBig_4m_F", 600, "object"],
//["Shoot House Wall", "Land_Shoot_House_Wall_F", 180, "object"],
["Canal Wall (Small)", "Land_Canal_WallSmall_10m_F", 400, "object"],
["Canal Stairs", "Land_Canal_Wall_Stairs_F", 500, "object"],

["---BUNKER AND WALLS---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Stone Bunker Rectangle", "Land_PillboxBunker_01_rectangle_F", 5500, "object"],
["Stone Bunker Hex", "Land_PillboxBunker_01_hex_F", 11000, "object"],
["Stone Bunker Big", "Land_PillboxBunker_01_big_F", 32000, "object"],
["Bunker Wall 3m Sharp", "Land_PillboxWall_01_3m_F", 1200, "object"],
["Bunker Wall 6m Sharp", "Land_PillboxWall_01_6m_F", 1500, "object"],
["Bunker Wall 3m Round", "Land_PillboxWall_01_3m_round_F", 1200, "object"],
["Bunker Wall 6m Round", "Land_PillboxWall_01_6m_round_F", 1500, "object"],
["Bag Bunker Green Small", "Land_BagBunker_01_small_green_F", 1250, "object"],
["Bag Bunker Green Big", "Land_BagBunker_01_large_green_F", 2500, "object"],
["Bag Fence Gr (Corner)", "Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence Gr (End)", "Land_BagFence_01_end_green_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence Gr (Long)", "Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F", 200, "object"],
["Bag Fence Gr (Round)", "Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence Gr (Short)", "Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Bunker Tower Green", "Land_HBarrier_01_tower_green_F", 1000, "object"],
["Bag Fence (Corner)", "Land_BagFence_Corner_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence (End)", "Land_BagFence_End_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence (Long)", "Land_BagFence_Long_F", 200, "object"],
["Bag Fence (Round)", "Land_BagFence_Round_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Fence (Short)", "Land_BagFence_Short_F", 150, "object"],
["Bag Bunker (Small)", "Land_BagBunker_Small_F", 1250, "object"],
["Bag Bunker (Large)", "Land_BagBunker_Large_F", 2500, "object"],
["Bag Bunker Tower", "Land_BagBunker_Tower_F", 1000, "object"],
["Concrete Ramp", "Land_RampConcrete_F", 350, "object"],
["Concrete Ramp (High)", "Land_RampConcreteHigh_F", 500, "object"],
["Concrete Block", "BlockConcrete_F", 500, "object"],

["---TEMPLE STONES---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (Gate)", "Land_BasaltWall_01_gate_F", 1450, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (8m)", "Land_BasaltWall_01_8m_F", 1200, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (4m)", "Land_BasaltWall_01_4m_F", 1050, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (Left)", "Land_BasaltWall_01_d_left_F", 950, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (Right)", "Land_BasaltWall_01_d_right_F", 950, "object"],
["Basalt Wall (Piles)", "Land_BasaltKerb_01_pile_F", 450, "object"],
["Basalt Kerb Platform", "Land_BasaltKerb_01_platform_F", 550, "object"],
["Basalt Kerb 2m", "Land_BasaltKerb_01_2m_F", 350, "object"],
["Basalt Kerb 2m broken", "Land_BasaltKerb_01_2m_d_F", 350, "object"],
["Basalt Kerb 4m", "Land_BasaltKerb_01_4m_F", 450, "object"],
["Rai Stone Ancient", "Land_RaiStone_01_F", 450, "object"],

["---MILITARY BUILDINGS---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Cargo Post Tropic", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V4_F", 1800, "object"],
["Cargo Post Khaki", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V3_F", 1800, "object"],
["Cargo Post Green", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V1_F", 1800, "object"],
["Cargo Post Rusty", "Land_Cargo_Patrol_V2_F", 1800, "object"],
["Cargo House Tropic", "Land_Cargo_House_V4_F", 2800, "object"],
["Cargo House Khaki", "Land_Cargo_House_V3_F", 2800, "object"],
["Cargo House Green", "Land_Cargo_House_V1_F", 2800, "object"],
["Cargo House Rusty", "Land_Cargo_House_V2_F", 2800, "object"],
["Headquarter Tropic", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V4_F", 3800, "object"],
["Headquarter Khaki", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V3_F", 3800, "object"],
["Headquarter Green", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V1_F", 3800, "object"],
["Headquarter Rusty", "Land_Cargo_HQ_V2_F", 3800, "object"],
["Cargo Tower Tropic", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V4_F", 9800, "object"],
["Cargo Tower Khaki", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F", 9800, "object"],
["Cargo Tower Green", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V1_F", 9800, "object"],
["Cargo Tower Rusty", "Land_Cargo_Tower_V2_F", 9800, "object"],
["Cover Tent Small", "Land_IRMaskingCover_02_F", 900, "object"],
["Cover Tent Large", "Land_IRMaskingCover_01_F", 1600, "object"],
["Guard Tower", "Land_LifeguardTower_01_F", 3800, "object"],

["---COMPLETE HOUSES---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Tanoa Stone House", "Land_House_Small_02_F", 98000, "object"],
["House Native Small", "Land_House_Native_01_F", 65000, "object"],
["House Native Large", "Land_House_Native_02_F", 78000, "object"],
["Tanoa Residence Big", "Land_Slum_03_F", 125000, "object"],
["House Yellow", "Land_House_Small_01_F", 95000, "object"],
["Garage Shelter", "Land_GarageShelter_01_F", 75000, "object"],
["House Turquoise", "Land_House_Small_03_F", 85000, "object"],

["---MISSION OBJECTS---", "none", 0, "object"],
["Ancient Statue Bird", "Land_AncientStatue_01_F", 4500000, "object"],
["Ancient Statue Sun", "Land_AncientStatue_02_F", 4500000, "object"],
["Ancient Totem", "Land_PalmTotem_03_F", 3200000, "object"],
["Ancient Totem Long", "Land_PalmTotem_01_F", 3200000, "object"],
["Ancient Totem Short", "Land_PalmTotem_02_F", 3200000, "object"],
["Petroglyph Wall 1", "Land_PetroglyphWall_01_F", 3800000, "object"],
["Petroglyph Wall 2", "Land_PetroglyphWall_02_F", 3800000, "object"],
["Land Grave 1", "Land_Grave_07_F", 111800, "object"],
["Land Grave 2", "Land_Grave_04_F", 111800, "object"],
["Tombstone 1", "Land_Tombstone_02_F", 111800, "object"],
["Tombstone 2", "Land_Tombstone_03_F", 111800, "object"],
["Mausoleum", "Land_Mausoleum_01_F", 222800, "object"],
["Pavement 1", "Land_GardenPavement_01_F", 111800, "object"],
["Pavement 2", "Land_GardenPavement_02_F", 111800, "object"]