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Announcements & News / v1.4b
« on: Jan 17, 2018, 02:22 AM »
The Artillery Strike is now implemented, and I dubbed the release v1.4b, with the changelog containing all that was done since v1.4. So, not much new stuff if you've been keeping up-to-date, but I wanted to make a proper changelog.

PLEASE UPDATE createVehicle.txt otherwise dropping the artillery tablet will cause a kick!

The artillery settings are in default_config.sqf, which you can copy-paste to your main_config.sqf

[Added] Artillery Strike in random mission crates
[Added] Player body marker
[Added] Diving gear to purchased RHIB, Speedboat, SDV
[Added] SDAR turret to SDV gunner
[Added] Object loading capacity to SDV
[Added] Tac-Ops DLC Police Van and Gorgon skins
[Added] Apex DLC laser designator skins
[Added] Saving of 'Autonomous' option for UAVs
[Changed] Private storage space 4 times bigger
[Changed] Allow towing of locked personal vehicles
[Changed] Allow boat purchase on dry land
[Changed] Disabled slingloading of locked vehicles
[Changed] UAVs now sellable
[Changed] Improved kill attribution
[Fixed] Resupply error for static weapons
[Fixed] Ejection of injured units
[Fixed] Static designator ownership saving
[Fixed] Saving of stashed uniform contents and weapon items
[Fixed] Disappearing parked vehicles
[Fixed] Annoying switch to rocket launcher on revive
[Fixed] Drowned on dry land
[Fixed] Camo nets not saving
[Fixed] Many minor changes and fixes

also the presence of an Artillery Strike in mission crates is defined in fn_refillbox.sqf, so if you're using a custom crate loot script then you might have to add it to yours

Cluster bomb uses triggerDistance but it's just for submunitions and not detonation, anyway config modding is not even a possibility.

Is it possible to make the rockets explode in the air by scripting?

I don't think so... if you call setDamage 1 on the rocket it simply disappears. I've looked at the Drongos Artillery mod that claims to add airburst capability, but all it does is delete the projectile then spawn an HelicopterExploBig and shoot 50cal ammo everywhere.

So I'm (almost) already done, I just need to do some extra testing to make sure everything works as intended, should be released by end of week.

Addons & Mods / Re: CUP Units on A3Wasteland
« on: Jan 15, 2018, 07:05 PM »
When I bought it at the store they had a capacity of 0 and did not appear on the player model once purchased.

That can only mean the uniform classes you put in uniformArray are invalid. The uniform classes are defined in CfgWeapons. You cannot "add the units as purchasable uniforms" since units are CfgVehicles.

In addition, when you have issues with customizations, you should always upload every edited script (or the entire mission) for proper review.

Addons & Mods / Re: CUP Units on A3Wasteland
« on: Jan 15, 2018, 05:02 PM »
What do you mean by "add the units as purchasable uniforms"?
What do you mean by "they appeared but had no functionality"?
What do you mean by "they work in SP but not on the server"?

It weird that players in my server are reporting Sandstorm rockets not as powerful. Maybe it's due to its high dispersion. Need to test more.

The thing about them is that splash damage has poor penetration, so if you're hiding behind concrete, you won't be damaged at all. They explode on contact, so if they're shot inside a town then it won't cause much player damage. If they were airburst, you'd get a lot more complaints.

I'm using a kill info script to show the victim who the killer is, what weapon was used and how far he was away.

Then you would have to adapt your script to come up with something appropriate, e.g. if FAR_killerAmmo == "ModuleOrdnanceHowitzer_F_ammo" then _displayName = "Artillery Strike"

On a side note, the reason why I don't show that info in vanilla is because I like to keep an air of mystery about kills. "Where did that come from? Is that a sniper? A fresh spawn? A drone?" - an authentic feeling that is part of all survival games.

Well .. you told about the technics and how it would be scripted etc.
The more important question for me: why should be this implemented?

Most servers I'd been visiting, had the Scorcher & Sandstorm disabled, for good reasons. I see the difference, sure. But same way, I don't see any effort for the gameplay. *headscratch

Because it would add an interesting element of randomness with a rare, expensive, and powerful item that is easily lost or stolen.

Any group of veteran shitlords could camp a base with an artillery tank + resupply truck and proceed to bomb the shit outta everywhere, that's why the Scorcher and Sandstorm are not present in my vanilla mission. I guess you could simply make the prices very high, but it would give an additional edge to rich players, which IMHO is undesirable.

The idea with the Strike would be to allow one lucky person to obliterate a precise location with extreme prejudice, in similar fashion to Hero Tokens in Star Wars Battlefront.

We have the Sandstorm enabled. Why not? It's just a M4A1 chassis with 12 HE rockets. One salvo can't even flatten a small town like Charkia. The Scorcher is much more powerful. Players on my server have been requesting for it for a long time. But it can deploy mine clusters, which are way too OP. One single shot is enough to make a large town a ghost town.

Sandstorm missiles inflict 6 times as much splash damage as regular Scorcher shells (although they have the same blast radius of 30 m) and nearly as much direct damage as Scalpels. They are by all means the most destructive vanilla ammo (aircraft bombs are a bit more powerful, but have a radius of 15 m)

Scorchers can easily be customized via vehicleLoadouts.sqf to remove cluster mags.

Well in its current state it would be empty; do you need it to be anything else?

Questions & Suggestions / Artillery strike - feedback needed
« on: Jan 14, 2018, 12:14 AM »
EDIT: Work in progress.
I had an idea for a new item, but before working on it, I wanted to see first if there is any interest.

Basically, 1 outta 10 mission crates would contain one Artillery Strike, which would appear in the Player Menu once taken. On use, it would display a map where you click to select the target. On confirmation, 15 powerful artillery shells would be shot at random within a 50m radius of the target. It would take about 30 seconds after confirmation for the strike to begin, and each shot would be spaced by about 2 seconds, for a total strike duration of about 30 seconds.

On strike confirmation, the Artillery Strike item would be deleted, and a 1-hour cooldown would be imposed to the player before he can use another strike, should he have another one at his disposal. The cooldown would apply within the specific server where used, and would remain on player rejoin, but reset on server restart.

The item would save with the player inventory like other items. The player would only be able to carry one Artillery Strike, which cannot be stored back in a crate once taken out, and would drop on death like other items. The dropped item would be "Land_Tablet_02_F" (Rugged Tablet). Untaken strikes would remain in crates and save alongside them across restarts.

It could not be purchased, but could be traded-in at general stores (or sold with the parent crate) for a high price, probably like $100k. Strikes would not be allowed within 150m of gunstores, but could target other stores and everywhere else.

The crate odds, number of shells, strike radius, and cooldown would be customizable by admins. Is this something that would be interesting? It would be fairly easy for me to make. You can test it in the editor with the debug console:

Code: [Select]
player allowDamage false;
0 spawn
_pos = getpos player;
for "_i" from 1 to 15 do
_npos = _pos vectorAdd ([[random 50,0,200], random 360] call BIS_fnc_rotateVector2D);
_shell = createVehicle ["ModuleOrdnanceHowitzer_F_ammo", _npos, [], 0, "NONE"];
_shell setVelocity [0,0,-150];
sleep (1 + random 2);

Technical Support / Re: Bad Module Info crash
« on: Jan 13, 2018, 11:23 PM »
I did have one bad module crash the other day, but it was on the "Receiving data" screen, and anyway I cannot help with that.

General Discussion / Re: disable thermal titan
« on: Jan 13, 2018, 02:31 AM »
It's already disabled by default.

Technical Support / Re: Baning Thermal Optics
« on: Jan 11, 2018, 09:03 AM »
I want to remove from titan, tank, armed vehicles and heli armed

This is the default behavior of the mission in its original state. There are no edits required.

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